Why so many problems?

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    Every time I go to add more content to my blog, whether it’s pictures or words, I can’t structure the spacing between, the way I want to. I add several lines of space between pictures or lines of text, and when I click “update” it reverts back to the original spacing. This is horribly frustrating, to the point where I’m about to abandon this blog and WordPress altogether! And I’m paying good money for this frustration.

    Also, I just noticed that there is supposed to be a smiley face on my blog that I can use to track visitors, etc. How do I get this to appear on my blog? How does it work?
    Blog url: http://theblissnet.wordpress.com/



    We are already tracking visitors via the Site Stats section of your Dashboard. The smiley you’re referring to is at the very bottom of your site.

    The spacing is typically controlled by the theme, and to further complicate matters, most browsers remove excess space unless instructed otherwise.

    Try something like these via the HTMl editor tab, and adjust the padding as necessary:

    <p style="padding-top:15px;">[text]</p>

    <p style="padding-bottom:15px;">[text]</p>

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