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Why so much board spam this morning?

  1. And why is it taking so long to be deleted?

  2. They are quite determined :(

    We are cleaning it up as we detect it.

  3. I flagged about 50 threads and 8 accounts for you this morning so just a matter of following the spammer tags -

  4. Thank you!

  5. You be welcome

    I see you have cleaned up all the flags and accounts - thanks - the forum is usable again

  6. I take it this is the same spam as earlier? Is there no way to keep them out :(

  7. Several different accounts - 15 at last count - there is some spam filters on the forum but looks like the filters are failing - maybe put any Post with "NFL" in it into the spam filter

  8. That's a good idea, I doubt anyone would need support with the NFL now the social forums are gone!

  9. Agh the spams getting unbearable! Is anyone home? :(

  10. Hi there,

    Thanks for your patience. We're currently addressing the situation and all spam posts should be removed shortly. We're also putting in measures to avoid these posts from coming through.

  11. Good man. :)

  12. We're also putting in measures to avoid these posts from coming through.

    :Drumming fingers on tabletop:

    While we're on it.......... when did Brazil become a Spam capitol? Seems like most of the recent comment spam is from .br domains.

  13. Measure were put in place, obviously the sneaky spammers have found a way around it. Maybe they're excited about being in the Olympic Football finals? =/

  14. Looks like they need to fine tune the spam filters a bit more - or the staff could check the forum for spam a bit more often while they fine tune the filters

  15. They're baaaaaaack!

    Also a Napalese travel/tour spammer.

  16. In what way does posting here help?

  17. Staff has been busy addressing the problem, but these folks are changing their names and very persistent. Not to mention annoying. And it's Sunday…

  18. @1tess
    I suggest that this thread be closed.

  19. Yeah, it's really pointless.

    We are all aware of the spam hurricane. I've got some stuff to do so some will probably build up again unless another mod or staff steps in.

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