Why so slow when editing?

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    I’ve been trying to edit my pages. After I do the changes I press the Save button, or Save and Edit button, but it takes forever for the edit to go through. Is there some problem with the system? Or am I doing something wrong? I wait a very long time for the page to reload.




    I don’t think there was any problems with the server Bonnie, but it sometimes has glitches! I know with my wireless internet connection off my satelite is sometimes goes slower than expected and rebooting my connection seems to get it back running! If you reset your internet connection and reboot your computer and it is still slow editing, send in a feedback through your admin area with the “Feedback” button in the right hand corner!




    Thanks for your reply. Today, I tried editing again and everything is working wonderfully. I don’t really know why. I don’t have a wireless connection running off a satelite though. I’m on broadband.

    I was thinking maybe the system at WP end just gets overloaded at times. If it acts up like that again I will reboot and if that doesn’t help I will send in a feedback button.

    Thanks again. Bonnie

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