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Why so slow?

  1. ifyouonlyreadonethingthisweek

    I, too, have an agonizingly slow dashboard - everything else is fine, all other web pages, my blog. It's only the WP dashboard. Infuriating.

  2. I would recommend checking to see if you have any 3rd party software installed such as ZoneAlarm or Norton's antivirus suite. These combined with using Internet Explorer seem to cause problems at times.

  3. I have experienced this problem on linux. I do not therefore have zone alarm etc fitted.
    Nor do I use Internet Exploder. Thank heavens.

  4. Ok, when you say "have" does that mean that it is something that happened before but no longer happens, something that comes and goes, or something that happens all the time? Is it limited to admin pages or all blog pages on

  5. I didn't see this thread, when it began, way not a techie, couldn't produce a "tracer route" ( or know what that is) with a gun to my forehead. But if it helps, for comparison (for WP Admin): I'm on dial-up, 56k, IE 6.0, and Dashboard and everything else loads OK --haven't noticed any slower/faster loading past few months.

    From Day One: "feed stats" takes Very Long time to come up, and so does "blog stats" --but I don't have anything to compare it to, it's always been that way. --Same for everyone? (That's not a complaint --the stats are too much fun to see to rag on, I just do other things till they appear.) (Interesting thread.)

  6. I would hazard a guess that 99.9% of the posters and lurkers here might be unfamiliar with traceroute.

  7. We've been having problems with the blog loading slowly, but only recently. I'm not very knowledgeable about any of this, but would upgrading to more memory/storage help? We don't have many files uploaded, so it says we're only using 0 MB of our 50 MB capacity, but I was wondering if perhaps our posts themselves weren't being counted (we've had over 100 posts) and are somehow a cause of the slowness (I doubt it, but thought I'd ask anyway; again, I'm confused b/c several have noted the slowness in the blog for the past several weeks...).

  8. Here are some "blog" factors that slow down page loading time:
    (1) Too many posts on the front page.
    (2) Too many embeds for videos on the front page.
    (3) Too many large images and/or tables or charts on the front page.
    (4) Too many doodads like "snap" and music that plays automatically on the front page.

    I'll let the techie types list the other factors for you.
    What is your operating system?
    Who is your ISP?
    How many proxies are involved?

    Rather than leaving everything to experimentation on your blog you can check out the features and known bugs for the various themes at this link

  9. A link to your blog would help as well. :) comes right up for me.

    Stats take a while to come up since it's flash and your browser has to load the program on your end as well as the downloaded file. It even takes some time when I'm on my OC-192 here. :)

  10. Possible reason and fix

  11. Well the admin is very slow for me too. Every page is slow, and I've tried it in Opera, Firefox and IE under XP S2... so plz no lame excuses that is is everybody's firewall or windows Vista please!

    all sites are fine, except my wordpress Admin....

  12. and it's not that my database is full or anything because I have one blogpost and 6 pages!

  13. The last time I heard the "lame excuse" bit used it turned out that the person complaining had a McAfee program running that caused the problem. The time before that it was an ISP who had broken routers. Anyway whatever your problem may be volunteers on the forum do not have backend access to blogs, only staff do so sending in a feedback on Monday is the way to go. Best wishes :)

    P.S. My windows firewall is turned off as I use a router and the firewall was a problem.

  14. Ok I will send my feedback to the support on monday!

  15. I have found my blog to be quite measurably slower-loading for perhaps two weeks now. It loads the way Go Fug Yourself ( does, in that it takes quite a long time and if you try to scroll before the page is fully loaded, you get just the tops of the last line in that screen repeating itself to infinity. This is a new error. Eventually it loads, but it takes easily twice as long as it used to. I'm putting it down to the servers.

  16. thaisi, are you even hosted here at I think you maybe on the wrong site as I'm not finding a blog for you.

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