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Why the change in website address doesn't change ...

  1. Why the change in website address doesn't change the link in my account name?

    my account nick name as: CAPitalZ
    but I updated my profile website link as address so that whenever sombody clicks on my nick name, it should bring to this blog of mine. This is a must.

    Rather, my nick name still bears the old website address:

    Because of this, every time I try to post a NEW POST from my blog it automatically goes to the new post link for my "kavithaikaL" blog. Then I have to change the link manually at the address bar of the browser to "1paarvai" before posting a new post.
    This is very annoying.

    Please help me. Thank you


  2. Not sure which profile you're discussing. You can either edit the one here in the forums or the ones in your Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile.

    I see that the link here in the forum points to the 1paarvai blog though.

    If you are clicking on the New Post link along the top in the blue bar, it will drop you into the first blog that you set up. If you want to post to a different blog, then you need to go in under the "My Dashboards" and choose which Backend you need to be at and then pick the "Write Post" from that Dashboard.

    Hope this helps,

  3. hey - a similar thing is happening to me... in my user preferences i've changed my web address to, but on my blog it stays as - why won't it update?


  4. Because the forum profiles are seperate from the blog profiles. :)

    -dr(Didn't we just cover that? :)mike

  5. When I visit it goes to that site.

    So when I click the "New Post" at the very top of that blog, I assume it should go to a page to create new post for the blog 1paarvai.

    But this doesn't happen.

    it goes to different blog.

    If this is how the blog works, then if I delete my other blog, namely "kavithaikaL", what will happen?

    will it switch to 1paarvai or would I get an error?


  6. When you click New Post in the blue bar along the top, it goes to your first blog. That's the way it's been for quiet some time. To make a post in a secondary blog, just use teh drop down menu to get to it's Dashboard.

  7. And if I want that the blog that shows in the comments I make in others blogs to be my second blog?

    I did change in my account, contact info but that didnĀ“t work.

    If i delete the first blog, will it show the adress of the second?

  8. I am sorry, problem solved.

  9. Is it possible to change the actual web address of a blog once it's been created?


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