Why The New Dashboard is Better

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    There have been lots of topics on the forums about how people hate the new dashboard, and apparently that would be 98% of people (according to one post). First of all, how do they know that? Because people on the forum are angry? How about the people who are satisfied and aren’t visiting the forum? In any case, I would like to outline some points to help people realize the intentions of the new Dashboard.

    1. Fonts and Colour Scheme: the orange colour scheme may seem abrasive, so, if you don’t like it, simply go to Users, and under your user name switch back to the classic one. People are saying the font is too small, and this is understandable. A quick Ctrl + increases the font size.

    2.Layout: people are complaining that the layout is not user-friendly. This is a blanket statement, and isn’t providing any specific complaint. I find the dashboard to be VERY user-friendly. At first glance it shows me everything I need to know about my blog: Posts, Pages, Tags and Comments. It also lets me make a post right away if I so desire. If I scroll down a little I can see my stats right away, as well as incoming links. This means no more clicking back and forth between stats and dashboard.

    3. Tabs: people are saying that they can’t figure out how to do things, because of the different layout of the tabs. There is a simple cure, just take 5 minutes to go through them and you’ll see that not much has changed at all. In fact, the only major change is that instead of having a dedicated “Edit” button, the title of the comment/post is to be clicked.

    4. Bugs: IMHO, this is the ONLY complaint people should have. Bugs will be squashed, let’s have some patience.

    Let us not accuse WordPress of being heartless demons who are out to get us and don’t care about our feelings. They run a company, they want it to be successful. Give them some time. In fact, it surprises me that people are making judgments to quickly. The dashboard is brand new, at least give it a chance! Come back in 1 week when all the bugs are fixed and complain then, but before that at least give it a chance.

    P.S. My only complaint is the fact that the blog title isn’t big enough.



    I agree (with happyatom). The only thing I am missing is a fullscreen HTML editor.



    Love the full screen mode for writing posts.

    Can the indent/outdent buttons be returned to the top level of the menu?

    Dashboard info about my chosen theme is a waste of space.

    In all, I’m liking the new dashboard more.

    Keep up the good work, folks.



    I see much potential in the new widgets management. The concept points in the right direction and with some (by any means necessary) improvements it will really shine.


    Hi all,

    I’m having problems with the text editor. When I add empty lines between phrases or images in order to separate items for making it more visual, once I save the page, those spaces are ignored and text and images are mixed and overlaped.
    Also the system don’t center the items that I want to be centered.

    What can I do? I’ve already removed my cache and restarted my browser and still the same proble. I’ve also proved with Mozilla Firefox and Explore.

    Thanks in advance.



    I agree. The only thing that is confusing for me is uploading pictures. (I figured it out)



    Hate the new dashboard….
    it looks horrible, was sent without warning, doesn’t imporve the old dashboard and has poor functionality



    @moinansari – you’re in the wrong thread. This is for people to point out what’s better about the new dashboard. If you have complaints, go elsewhere.



    From the begining,when I noticed new dashboard,I started like it,and so far I am concerned it is much better from old one.Now..I have a less click and everthing is a front of me.
    Of course,some bugs will be fixed,but that is not a big problem, it is importanr that the new dashboard is better.

    Thanks to the WordPress staff.



    I am better pleased now the shock has worn off. I wasn’t displeased, simply appalled that I had to learn it all again when I had just got 8 weeks under my belt and felt I could breathe! So I took courage and decided to try posting my next piece, and I’m really pleased it is playing nicely with Safari about the paragraph breaks problem. I’m gradually finding all the buttons and I shall simply not tamper with my widgets till I see the complaints lessening.
    I’m sorry for the people who do clever video/image/music things and have therefore pinpointed some bugs. Hopefully it will be cleared up soon.
    I’m not tempted to pack my bags because the WP ‘rulers’ and the ‘helpers’ all seem really nice and friendly. We need to give them breathing space. Microsoft, with all the money behind it, ships things with horrendous bugs (that’s why I’m on a Mac!). This is minor compared, but it’s understandable people get fretful and even angry when their posts are ruined out of the blue.



    I am also happy with the new wordpress…. I would think that the dashboard is now a lot easier and more user friendly than previous wordpress version… Remember when you first got on wordpress and it was difficult to move around it? I actually remember this clearly as I only got my blog 2 weeks ago and I struggled to work out the functioning of wordpress on the first day… Now it’s a piece of cake..

    So yeah, I agree with the OP, just the bugs need fixing and then its only going up from there!




    The bug I complained about was fixed pretty quickly, I thought. I think this is going to work very well in a little while.


    Now that I’ve messed with the new Dashboard for a day, I’m getting used to it, and even like a few things.
    I love full-screen edit.
    It’s easier to get a listing of your posts by status.
    I like being able to see all the tags I’ve used. (Does that mean someday the limit on the Tag Cloud will be lifted?)
    Working with categories is also easier.
    “Design” makes a lot more sense than “Presentation.”


    I only post weekly, so I guess I’ve missed a lot. When I first loaded my dashboard today, I was glad to see my stats right there.

    Now I need to figure out how to upload and be patient for bugs to be ironed out. I’ll browse a bit more and probably find my answers.

    Blessings to all.


    get rid of it! I hate the new dashboard! How do I get the old one back?



    You’re in the wrong thread.

    I doubt 98% of users hate the new dashboard: someone is pulling numbers out of his ass on that one. If you look at the forums from a few days before the changeover you’ll see at least a dozen “when are we getting the new upgrade?” enthusiastic threads. People hate change, especially when they didn’t bring it about themselves.

    One thing to remember is that whether we love it or hate it (and for the record, I love it!) it’s here to stay. There is absolutely positively no way WP.com will go back. If someone needs that old dashboard, they can download an old version of WordPress software from .org and run it themselves and get that back. Otherwise, they are along for the ride like everyone else here. So posting “I hate it” or “I love it” simply blows off steam; it is not going to factor into the decision-making process of WordPress staff.

    And that was just me blowing off steam.



    love the new dashboard. happy to be in the 2%.

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