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Why the option to modifie an article do not appears ?

  1. Why the option to modifie an article do not appears ?
    Blog url:

  2. Could you check if it might be a browser issue?

  3. I dont tkink so. These options to modifie appear with «Page». It appear when I place my mouse on the «Page» but not when I do it with «Article». I use Firefox and I refresh many time without any success.

  4. It's still possible that it could be a cookie and/or cache issue.

    Would you please try clearing your browser's cookies and cache?

    If that doesn't work, please let us know which browser (and version of) that you're using.

  5. That doesn't work. I use Firefox 4.0.1

  6. The "Edit" link is appearing for me in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

    It's in two places for me. The top grey admin menu for this post. It is also appearing below the category information and above the tags at the bottom of the content.

    Can you please check these two options?

  7. I see «EDIT» with the link «this post» in the top grey admin menu.

    But, I dont see it with this page.

  8. In just republish my article with the modifications I want.

  9. Take a look at

    Do you see the following just above the "J'aime" button?

    "Cet article a été publié le 20 mai 2011 à 20 08 51 05515 et est classé dans Uncategorized. Modifier cette entrée."

  10. Yes. But when I go to, I dont see it.

  11. In this particular theme, you won't see the edit links on the main page. You'll need to view the individual post.

  12. Ok. But look what I see in de dashboard :

    What theme should I choose to have the edit link ?

  13. You need to hover over the title of the post, and an edit link will appear below it.

    See this for more info and a video tutorial:

  14. de = the, in my precedent post

  15. I do it (hover over the title of the post) and nothing appear. See :

  16. It's possible that the size of your browser window is pushing everything down.

    Can you expand the window any further?

  17. Yesterday, everything was ok.

  18. I expand the window and it appear :

    Is there a theme everything will appear without changing my window, like it was before ?

  19. We made some changes to the Dashboard yesterday, so it looks like it won't work properly with the browser window as small as it was before.

    Is there any particular reason why you don't want to use the browser window to its full width?

  20. Because everything is to small.

  21. I prefer 800 X 600

  22. Unfortunately, this isn't something that we can change instantly, but I'll let our team know that there's interest for an 800x600 compatible Dashboard.

  23. Ok. Thank You (MERCI !)

  24. You're welcome!

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