Why the sudden jump in non-related followers?

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    In the past couple of weeks I’ve picked up 100+ followers who clearly aren’t truly interested in what I am blogging about (i.e., they’re not ‘true’ followers). They range from foreign language blogs and ‘spam’ blogs (looking for donations or promoting some weird product) to more than one wordpress ‘blog’ that is ‘no longer available’; I don’t receive notifications when they ‘sign up’. Is there some sort of aggregation software out there that auto-subscribes these ‘people’ to wordpress blogs? Is there some way of ‘blocking’ or removing them as followers?

    The blog I need help with is theothersideof55.wordpress.com.



    Here’s the relevant thread.

    The only solution I could find so far is to eliminate the Email Subscription box from my blog. This is obviously a temporary and undesirable solution.


    I haven’t had the email subscription box on my blog for the LONGEST time and these people are STILL spamming my blog with fake “follows”!

    I’m still getting about 3-5 of them subscribing every day, despite the only way to currently follow my blog being the unremovable follow button in the black admin bar, which is only visible to logged-in WP.com users.

    I’ve gotten an unreasonable increase in so-called followers lately, most of which are clearly “follow” spammers just looking to attract traffic to their blogs, or commercial spammers, or religious wing-nuts, or foreign-language blogs, all on completely unrelated topics to my blog, all just auto-subscribing to as many blogs as possible.

    This has got to stop. This is really too much. Most of these followers have absolutely nothing to do with the topic of my blog whatsoever, and there is no way to remove them. I wish we could control these fake “followers”! Please give us the ability to remove them, because they’re only increasing.

    I haven’t posted to my blog in close to a month, and still I get many many of these new so-called “followers” every day. It almost makes me wonder, if I never posted to my blog again, how many of these new “followers” would I get? How high would my so-called (and now completely meaningless) “follower count” go? They just keep coming and coming and subscribing and subscribing one after the other. This has been going on at a steady pace for several weeks now.

    This is also despite the fact that I recently deleted all tags and categories on my blog, so presumably my posts would not be showing up in any topics pages, so I don’t even know how these scumbags are even finding my blog. They must be using an automated program to “follow” as many random, completely unrelated blogs as possible.

    WordPress needs to have a way for bloggers to deal with these fake WP.com “followers”. I am not talking about fake email followers, I am talking about fake “followers” with WP.com accounts and blogs.

    This has got to stop. WP needs to have some way for us to deal with these random, unrelated “followers”. I consider these fake so-called “followers” to be a rampant and particularly pestilential form of spam. Not only are they blatantly and shamelessly fishing for traffic to their own sites, but by being subscribed to our blogs and receiving each of our posts to their email, they can then use that to copy our content and pass it off as their own, and use it to make money off of our content, on splogs, etc. or they can use our content in other unethical ways.

    Please provide a way for us to stop and control this sudden influx of fake “followers”. It is LONG overdue.



    The EXACT same thing has been happening to me. Please report each and every single one of these spammers to WordPress by using the “Report This Blog” link in the black admin bar at the top when you visit their blogs. Also please report their gravatar profiles for spam activity as well by using the “Report This Profile” option on the bottom right of each of their profiles. That is what I have been doing for each and every single one of them. Even if WordPress does nothing about it, maybe , maybe, *fingers crossed*, maybe if enough of us keep reporting and reporting these “follow” spammers and fake “followers” over and over again then maybe WordPress would be forced to do something about it. Not holding my breath though.



    Why on earth doesn’t WordPress have some method of blocking these auto-subscribers? This is the same as SPAM. Surely there are other bloggers (dozens? hundreds? thousands?) experiencing the same problem. WordPress – PLEASE find a cure for this problem!



    Same happening to me… It’s annoying but it doesn’t affect the contents of our blog



    I’m having this problem as well, and it’s frustrating because it’s now impossible to tell how much real traction my blog is getting. WordPress has become a spammer’s paradise.



    Same problem here… I posted this question in the forums before realizing how rampant this problem has become. Seems like it just started a couple of weeks ago. Was there a change in the software,that caused this? In any case adding my vote for a “DELETE FOLLOWER” or ” “APPROVE FOLLOWER” function. Seems like such a simple and obvious solution. What’s the point of having a blog stat of subscription numbers if it doesn’t mean anything?



    I´ve noticed that most followers have recently created wordpress blogs with just one or two post and nothing on the “about” page…
    I vote for the “aprove follower” function!



    The same thing started happening to me a few weeks ago. I get at least 5 fake followers a day now. I’m going to start reporting them per @scriptorobscura‘s advice.


    After taking a 3-month blogging break, I put up a post (on 4/29) with the information that I was starting a new blog and so wouldn’t be posting to the current one anymore – and in the last three days, I’ve gotten 20 new followers to that blog!! Ridiculous.

    On inspection of these new followers, I’m clearly having the same problem as the other posters here: the new followers don’t have real blogs (they don’t have any posts, or they’re hawking a product or something.) It’s so annoying. And now my new blog, with only one post, already has 6 followers – 3 of which are clearly not legitimate.

    I like scriptorobscura’s advice to start reporting them to WordPress; I’ll start doing that. But I hope WordPress comes up with a way to solve this problem soon. It makes the blog stats kind of worthless, which is a shame. And it really takes something away from the whole concept of blogging – to know that my posts are going into the inboxes of somewhat unscrupulous people. It makes me worry about what might become of my content (be stolen?), and it makes me feel a little self-conscious as well – which isn’t so effective for the blogging!

    There definitely needs to be a function for blocking followers.



    @timethief – thanks for the info! (It’s helpful to see there are multiple threads relating to this.)

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