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Why use Twitter?

  1. Im thinking of starting to Tweet (use Twritter). before I do that I would like to know if anyone else here is using it and what your experience is.

    What does it give you?
    Has it increased the amount of visitors to your site?
    Why should I?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. As this is not a question about using sofware or features, I'm flagging this thread so it gets moved to the Off-Topic Forum which is for discussion.

  3. Twitter is its own community and platform; you shouldn't go into it just to promote your blog, because the LAST thing the world needs is another outlet for broadcast self-promotion.

    Twitter is like anything else on the internet; what you get out of it depends on what you put into it.

    It's the #3 referrer to my blog, but that's because I put time and effort into it. It gives me great story ideas, great blog material, has helped enormously to grow my community and raise my profile, but I've tweeted over 100,000 times.

    I've gotten trips, meals, books, and friends out of twitter. But that is because I put a lot INTO Twitter.

  4. I love the Twitter. It's my third biggest referrer. I don't primarily use it as a blog promotion tool, though.

    It's about community. I've had great conversations with people and when I need information or help, I can ask Twitter and have an answer in seconds.

    You'll get traffic out of it, but only if you have a real "non-blogging" presence and engage with people. If you're planning to just throw links to your latest blog post up there, it won't do you any good. I know because that's what I did at first. It's a waste of time.

  5. Agree with the others here. All of these social networking tools take LOTS of time to cultivate into meaningful traffic. Twitter is full of losers trying to promote their latest cheezy rap song or hoping you'll click on their "Free iPad2" link.

    I once tried to get a lot of Twitter followers using Twiends which was a stupid idea since I did get a lot of followers but none that I really cared about engaging with.

    I actually wrote a satirical post about this back in December:

    Personally, I find that commenting on other blogs and replying back to comments people make on my blog has been the best driver for me.

    I do publish my new posts to my Facebook page - and depending on the subject I may get 5-20 views from there - but at the end of the day, you've got to put in the time and effort to make anything like this work.

  6. I love the twitter, because its an easy and fast way to share links on the Internet.
    I have found alot of information from friends, (sometimes more than I can read at one time), that I may not have found without them.

    But that is just one use. Twitter is basic and can be used for a wide range of communication.

    As far as my two blogs, I get very little visits from my twitter account, but my blogs are not a money making venture,and I don't use twitter for marketing... so I don't really care.

  7. I like Twitter and write about it often. (shameless)

    But seriously, I think it's good for promotion, micro-blogging and sometimes communication. I get some laughs out of it.

  8. Never found sufficient use for having a Twitter account myself, though I very occasionally look up what celebs or politicians are tweeting. Usually I'm amazed at the level of superficiality, but there is a kind of entertainment in reading it. If I write well here, other people re-tweet links to my work anyway, so I can't see enough reason to spend time doing that myself. It would make more sense if I were trying to be famous or sell my material, but just to develop traffic? Can't see much point.

    A few months back I gave up the text and data plan on my cell phone when I realized I was paying more for dealing with salespeople than using it myself. Saves $30 a month!

  9. Why not use Twitter? o,O

  10. I don't like twitter. It doesn't allow you to make friends like facebook. So I think facebook is better than twitter.

  11. You're not using Twitter right.

  12. No I have a twitter account too.

  13. You're





  14. How to use it in a right manner?

  15. I charge for that; my next workshop is $300 in fact.

  16. Thanks. But I can not spend my 3 month's income on it.
    BTW are you a blogging teacher?

  17. Yes, I've been a professional social media trainer since 2002.

  18. Raincoaster, you really should stop now.........

  19. Since 2002! WOW
    You are as experienced as half of the age of mine. :D
    Sorry but your blog (raincoaster) doesn't seem to be as professional as of your experience. You must have another blog. I mean your main blog. I'm curious to see that one.

  20. Yes, I do, and I bet you are.

  21. kennethmarkhoover

    I'm not a fan of Twitter or Facebook at all, but they are necessary evils in my kind of work. As far as bringing readers to my blog, yes, Twitter does.

    But I am careful in how I use it. Way too many writers use Twitter as a place to spam and that really turns me off.

  22. readytochangenow

    *Reaching for the popcorn*

  23. Way too many writers use Twitter as a place to spam

    Hi! Can you explain it more? Does sharing too many content on twitter constitutes spamming?

  24. Why don't you give us a link to your account and we can tell you if what you're doing is spam?

  25. This is a useful guide to using Twitter effectively >

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