why was "dotcom" added to the end of my wordpess address name?

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    I initially tried to set up a blog and register the domain pushupsonaplane.com. While filling out the registration form, I noticed at the top it said that my site was temporarily located at pushupsonaplane.wordpress.com while I finished completing the form. Midway, I decided I did not wish to purchase the domain and would rather remain with the free site, pushupsonaplan.wordpress.com. When I went to sign in, I noticed the address said http://www.pushupsonaplanedotcom.wordpress.com which I do not want the “dotcom” written in there. Not sure why it is there, however, I cannot seem to remove it, or change my site address to simply pushupsonaplane.wordpress.com as it says that is taken. However it was available when I started to set this up an hour ago so I have a feeling it was taken by me.

    Please help!

    The blog I need help with is pushupsonaplanedotcom.wordpress.com.

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