Why was my theme changed without my knowledge?

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    WordPress changed my theme and I’m unable to change it back. I’ve cleared cache, and cookies and refreshed the page, but I cannot get back to Vostok, my original theme. I keep clicking “save and activate” on Vostok and the theme continues to be Twenty Ten.
    Blog url: http://ronablackphotography.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is ronablackphotography.wordpress.com.



    Please stop creating duplicate threads. You have created 3 threads and doing that will not help you get the theme back any faster. This thread has been flagged for closure.


    As far as I know, this is the only thread I started. It was posted in the forum as I was submitting the question to support, (and before I’d even seen the forum). When I realized there were other threads regarding this issue responded only to those posts. I would never deliberately have begun duplicate threads. Sorry for your trouble and you can certainly delete this thread.



    I’m sorry I was wrong about the number of threads created and I apologize. :( On the top right hand corner of any forum page you see Welcome ronablackphotography Click that link and find the thread you started and the two others you posted into.


    Thanks for the information; this was my first visit to the forum.



    I’m so sorry I was wrong above. We Volunteers are friendly and helpful too – honest. :(



    Hi ronablackphotography—sorry about the troubles with Vostok today. Things are back to normal now.

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