Why was one of my best posts (conventional by any standard)ommitted from Reader?

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    Some of the best photos i’ve ever taken didn’t appear in Reader. They weren’t remotely risque: some gas pumps at night. Some pretty careless work (along with a lot of really great stuff!) is routinely run in Reader.
    What irritates me is going through all these steps when I know it was a technical oversight. I remember Reader being plugged up – not moving for a few days and that’s when this happened. There should be a way for people who have shown they already know to check the basics to get straight to Support. This is so time-consuming.

    The blog I need help with is electricinthedesert.wordpress.com.



    If you look around the forums you’ll see that people have been complaining about this for literally months. Assuming you’re not making any mistakes, there is little you can do.


    Will you please check out the reasons for non-appearance here >
    http://en.support.wordpress.com/topics/#missing-posts You have assigned too many Categories/Tags to your posts. You need to edit and delete. http://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/edit-posts-screen/ After removal note it may take several days for your posts to begin displaying there.



    Oh wow, yes. You are indeed using FAR too many tags. You’ll have to get it down to 12 or fewer. The reason you’re not showing up is that you are tag spamming.



    What you say makes sense, and I’d be happy to leave it at that. The problem is, though, that tons of my posts with as many, or more tags, have already been posted in Reader. Like, a lot more!
    So, that contradicts what appears to be – what? Is it policy? If yes, it’s not being applied consistently, which means its not being applied.
    If that’s not the policy, then that should be clear. Don’t keep people guessing and jumpy re. some subjective standard that isn’t made clear.
    Freshly Hung is different. WP has established the legitimacy of the role of its subjective standards here, and the basis of those standards is both sound and respected.
    But come on! When posts are run on Reader with lust a logo for art, and I’ve worked carefuly on three at least respectable pix, what’s that message? It would be different if my experience was consistent with what you say.
    But when they run post after post in Reader, just loaded with tags, how can that be the reason? And if they’ve just been letting me get away with it, well I didn’t have a clue. A cautionary email would have reformed me instantly.
    Am I being a jerk to resent all the time we are expected to spend confering with one another? I truly think that the issues we encounter are standard enough that WP has the technical ability to design a faster and more efficient way in which to respond. It often takes me an hour just to post one photo, getting kicked off, being sent one message after another and then – it’s posted! So it c ouldn’t have been impossible, right? Only a pain in the ass.
    But at this point, I delay an attempt to reach them as long as possible, because that’s more of a pain. Take this example. They this as my problem answered – completely avoiding the logical contradiction to the answer I received.
    My crabbiness is NOT directed to you guiys, of coutse! Thanks for taking the time to try and help – I really appreciate it.
    I just think that we can and should, expect more. In the end, we’re consumers and WP is great, but its not our Patron.



    The Reader just published a post of mine (written just before I got your feedback), and it was packed with tags. Not only that, it was pretty medicore (in that I re-blogged it , not reflection on the writer!) because it updated a topic central to the theme of my blog. I very rarely reblog an entire post, but tons of people do it for legitimate and various reasons every day.
    Anyway, so: it’s not the tags – as of a few hours ago – and it’s not originality or high quality (My night gas station photos v that mug of three women at a press conference? C’mon. )
    This isn’t petty. It raises some important issues for a big bunch of people, many of whom expend an extraordinary effort on their blog.
    Seriousy, I think every WP blogger should see those two posts of mine side by side.


    sidethorn, I believe both raincoaster and TTTS are correct. Your posts are more likely to be in the reader, and not treated as spam by Google, if you use fewer tags. At the same time, the reader is not perfect… also, if you use common tags, such as photography or writing, you’re competing with 25 million other posts using the same tags.

    There’s nothing stopping you from reposting the post.



    I made a pragmatic decision to move to the next level after getting as much information as seems available here. Had you simpy skimmed the forum, that fact would be clear, as was my objection to being prevented from making that move.
    You have incorrectly characterised me as ineligible for direct tech support and ordered me to wait here. Yet, the evidence shows that I have followed the prescribed steps to ask reasonable questions, while correctly informed about the services for which I have paid.
    You see, I would not be seeking such support in the first place had I not paid for the upgrade of which you remain inexplicably unaware.
    I’m entitled to email Support at this point. You have refused to allow me to proceed, and with the very same uninformed disrespect with which you charge me.
    One final point. My request not to be referred back to the same Word Press teaching materials I have studied is a serious and reasonable decision. It’s not your perogative to dismiss it, nor to order me to your forums. The remarkable tone of your email, and the unilateral manner in you denied me access to the services for which I have already paid: there lies the reason I juggle several tech problems at once, rather than seek the solutions you assert are so available.
    Nobody, Ms. Tess, has this kind of time to spare, nor the inclination to be dismissed in such a high-handed, uninformed manner. The information you needed was, and remains, right in front of you.
    It remains a forum issue because it hasn’t been solved, and I cite once again my right to an email discussion with a member of WP Support Staff. Please have someone other than yourself respond.
    C. O’Brien



    Hey, thanks you guys!! raincoaster, thistimethisspace, I really appreciate it. Thank-you, johnnytesting . You’re kind and patient – a lot more patient than I am, and a lot nicer, too.
    This hasn’t been solved, obviously and I’m going to take my shot as soon as Tech realizes I have one. I probably won’t find out anything.
    I do think WordPress needs to re-think its model for communicating with its customers,and that right now, its direction is based on a false economy – the kind that only appears to save you money, but bites you in the butt a little ways down the road
    Peace! Out!



    As Tess already mentioned in your other thread, “the contact form is closed for the U.S. holiday Thanksgiving until 25 November 2012.”

    You are certainly eligible to contact us through http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/ but that particular direct method of contact is closed down until November 25 while most of us are either taking time off with our families or catching up on older support requests.

    Now, back to your original issue, there is no way that your posts with more than 15 categories and tags would ever appear in the Reader. This is by design to prevent abuse and has been this way since the Reader launched.


    If you do have posts with more than 15 categories or tags getting through, please let us know, because that needs to be corrected.



    Direct , clear, honesty is my aim at this point.
    I was told, and firmly so, that I couldn’t access the tech services for which I have already paid you – after I had followed the steps required of me. Your program deceptively indicates a means to take that step to support contact, but I was able only to attract staff by starting another thread. And instead of assuming that my attempt was legitimate, 1-Tess assumed the opposite. All I got were instructions further cutting me off.
    Me: “Hello? I’m done with this step! Can I get out now?”:
    Tech entered forum: “Please continue your discussion in the first thread you started:
    Your first thread has been modlooked so staff will see it. All I can say is just be patient.”

    Have to cut and paste the final bit, so will post this rather tham risk losing it. Be right back.



    I am being direct and honest with you, as was Tess.

    You can typically reach us via email at http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/

    However, the option to email us is not available until November 25 while we take off the Thanksgiving holiday to spend time with our families.

    The final step in the contact form currently states, “Post a new question in our public forums, where it may be answered by helpful community members, by submitting the form below.”

    On November 25, you’ll see the option to either post a question in the public forums or contact us privately via email. Until then, the public forums are the only option.



    As I stated, I wasn’t finished, but five minutes later you answered anyway. I’ll repeat the entire relevent excerpt of Tess’s reply. Remember, I had stated as my goal (in a new thread) a way to contact support staff directly:
    “Please continue your discussion in the first thread you started:
    https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/why-was-one-of-my-best-posts-conventional-by-any-standardommitted-from-reader?replies=6#post-1076248… All I can say is just be patient..Direct contact with staff (other than the modlook tag) is limited to folks with paid upgrades.
    Be patient, and if you have a technical question, then ask here. “

    My position stands. All she had to do was give me the email address I needed and tell me it would be open on the 25th. It’s very clear what happened instead. I’m feeling uncomfortable with the tone of this discussion and would like to end the thread at this point.
    As for the tags, I assume those posts are readily availible to you, but please let me know of any assistance I can provide. Thanks.



    How was Tess supposed to know that? She’s a volunteer, not staff. There is no point continuing to blame Tess for not having information which was not communicated to her. Your time is better spent removing extra tags from your posts.

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