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Why was private information and security issues on another blog published ?

  1. I want to know what happened with the conversation which included personal information which I did not wanted added to the search results like personal settings on blog and other issues not for publication - I asked that it not be published but was so called RESOLVED and published anyway - I need someone from Support to contact me . I believe it to be a privacy violation .

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I generally do not use these forum(s). Since my problem contained sensitive information - had I known that I could not delete, I would not have posted . This is why I requested that the comments be considered spam - anything not to have private information forwarded . But it appears as though no judgment was used and it was forwarded anyway . Why would I want that ?

    This does not appear like a closed thread to me. It has tags and everything . It appears as resolved and would show up in search results :

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  3. So the answer to my question is "yes".
    Scroll to the bottom of that thread and witness:

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  4. The sensitive information is still viewable to anyone who uses those tags whether they are able to reply or not . Just like you and I are able to see it . They are able to see it . Yes or No ?

  5. Continually bumping things up does not help to make them go away.

  6. You had no business issuing this as "resolved" and entering it into search . You were advised against it within the 2nd or 3rd post that if you could not delete the conversation to trash it as spam but you ignored my requests and proceeded anyway . If you cannot remove this from your database which you have apparently sent out on a thread , I will have to consider a legal remedy . You bumped it up when you published it over my objections !!!!

  7. Hi there - I've marked the other thread as not resolved, and if you let me know which information you find sensitive we might be able to redact it.

  8. To Happiness Engineer :
    All of the below for obvious reasons and let me know if your are able to redact all including this . Thank you .

    [code redacted as requested]

  9. No problem - all done.

  10. Happiness Engineer:

    Thank you for your expertise in handling this . To complete the redaction - please include the following introductory wording which which should be redacted as well :

    "In its development some images and content may have been programmed in with the Blogsense to produce high percentage of error codes like 404 - page not found and Redirects . Some of this coding is in the root directory . The following is an example of some of the Errors that came up within a limited period of time that was captured by the current web host . If you have any suggestions of changes that perhaps could be made in the Genesis or within the root directory that perhaps would not cause instability issues or is it best to just try to work around it as we have thus far ? Thanks for any help you can provide ."

  11. As there is no confidential information in that paragraph, we will be leaving it intact so that the rest of the other thread makes sense.

    Posts in this forum are made voluntarily by community members and form part of the public record. Redacting information is only done in exceptional cases.

    Thanks for your understanding. I will be closing this thread now.

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