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Why was the administrator of the Vindicatemj blog blocked?

  1. I'm an author of the vindicatemj blog: The administrator of the blog, who writes as Vindicatemj, was told she was blocked. Could you please look into what happened and tell us why she was blocked from running it? We don't see any reason why she could have been blocked. Thanks a lot for your help.

  2. The site is still live online. What do you mean by "blocked?" Is there more than one administrator on that site?

  3. No, it's only one administrator (Vindicatemj) and she doesn't get access to her blog now.
    When she tried to enter her blog today a message appeared saying that the IP address of her blog was blocked by her (Russian?) authorities. According to their laws this can happen only if the authorities think that she is spreading pornography, racial hate, etc. – which is absolutely not the case with this blog.
    Her Russian Internet provider checked up a register of sites forbidden due to the above reasons and said that her blog (of course) was NOT among them. Her Beeline Internet provider contacted her with their technical help and their engineer explained to her that since the IP resource belongs to wordpress, it is actually wordpress who blocked the blog. He advised her to contact WP to find out what the problem is. He also said that sometimes one IP address is given to several blogs and blocking one of them could automatically block the others.

  4. There are several threads about the Russian Federation blocking access to I'll modlook this and the others I can find.

  5. We're aware of the problem - here's another forum thread with more information.

    As it's out of our control, I can't give you any idea when this will be fixed.

  6. Thank you for this information. We will have to wait and see what happens.

  7. We hope this is resolved now - are you able to access normally again? If not, could you please let us know who your internet service provider is?

  8. Yes, our Russian administrator of the blog told she has regained access a few days ago. We hope it remains that way.
    Thank you!

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