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Why were titles in "Top Posts and Pages" suddenly abbreviated today?

  1. Some time this morning, the longer titles appearing in the widget "Top Posts and Pages" suddenly became abbreviated. I don't like this change. Can I revert to full titles? How?

    The change is not limited to the theme, as my site, which uses a different theme, also has abbreviated entries in "Top Posts and Pages."
    Blog url:

  2. I have the same problem. It looks awful. Can someone help to fix this?

  3. I'm sorry but th truth is that we Volunteers don't have clue what Staff are changing in the backend. All we can do is flag the threads for Staff attention and I've done that.

  4. Thanks timethief,

    My first impression was that the ...s were being introduced on to abbreviate longish post or page titles. But late this evening I discovered a page with a one word title on my site was followed by the three dots in the "Top Post and Pages" sidebar widget. One word needs dots?

    Actually this issue, irritating as it is, pales in comparison to the absurd new "infinite scroll." I think, rather, that feature should be called "infinite hubris," for the obvious and shameless attempt to force millions of free WordPress users to upgrade.

  5. I also have the dots. They are on a longish title, but also on shorter ones where they do look dumb: Michelangelo ....... as if to suggest a sigh or "you know what I mean".

  6. They've changed the 'Top Posts & Pages" widget to include image options. For some reason the change means any long-ish post headlines get abbreviated. It looks horrible, hopefully it'll change soon.

  7. This is a recent change, the actual point of the abbreviation is based on widget size, and therefore the size of your browser window.

    As you re-size the window, you'll see either more or less of the title in stats.

  8. The point of abbreviation is based on widget size? There was no need for this before!!!! Why now? Besides, what's the point in introducing a feature that includes icons if potential readers can't see what those small images are about? When I read a blog, I want to READ THE WHOLE TITLE OF POSTS, not guessing what the title is about.... Please, someone responsible in WordPress, FIX THIS.

  9. Well, the title would have to be cut off at some point, because the widget cannot be infinitely wide.

    The titles have always been abbreviated, but we never added the "..." until just recently.

  10. Soyy, but I still don't understand why all those titles were short enough to appear on that widget before and all of a sudden they are not anymore. That doesn't make any sense.

  11. The titles used to wrap across two (or more) lines before; now I have one title which previously fitted on one line, but with the new dots, spills across into two.
    Please get rid of this - it looks horrible!

  12. @macmanx: Hi. The 'Top Posts & Pages' widget always showed the entire headline before the change, the long headlines were shown on a few lines, just like the long titles / headlines of the RSS / Links widgets.

    You can see them on my blog... check the "Mental Health News" Links widget, then look at the 'Top Five Posts' widget.

  13. That's true. The posts titles in all other widgets appear elegantly distributed in 2 or more lines. There is nothing wrong with that. What looks horrible are those dots after an unfinished sentence.

  14. Re-sizing the window has no effect on the abbreviated titles - they do not get shorter or longer regardless of the window size.

    Hope this error is being actively addressed, there is already a significant drop off on the number of clicks to that widget by readers visiting my blog. And regular readers are complaining, asking why I’m playing guessing games with the titles.

  15. Well, my Category widget has always busted out of the right side of the sidebar, thanks to Operation Global Media Domination. Why is the Recent Posts widget different?

  16. @rain: they've always been different. Seriously, if you want to see what the Recent Posts widget used to look like, look at the Links widget.

    go here: and look at the sidebar. All of the links widgets allow headlines this size and infinitely longer:

    Could poor mental health be driving Canada's obesity epidemic?

    The new Recent Posts widget now does this:

    I waited forty-two years for s…

  17. sorry, Recent Posts = Top Posts

  18. I have the same complaint, and macmanx's explanation isn't adequate. Titles in my Top Posts widgets are being shortened. Yet directly below it, in the same sidebar with the same width, is the Recent Posts widget where the titles are not being shortened -- including one title that appears in both widgets. It's shortened in Top Posts but not in Recent Posts. Obviously it's not an overflow problem.

    Top Posts shows: "I suppose we were overdue for / ... "
    Recent Posts shows: "I suppose we were overdue for / another nurse-in"

    Come on, WP. You've changed something since yesterday. Please put it back the way it way.

  19. @macmanx I will take out of sight that widget from my blog until this problem is resolved. It's really an awful display that goes against the aesthetic of the blog.

  20. This is completely aggravating, and completely pointless, given that the Recent Posts widget, of exactly the same width, still has titles wrap to 2 or 3 lines just fine. The ellipsis is idiotic, especially when one word wraps to the next line where the whole word would've fit in almost the same space, .e.g.,

    is now


    The instances where one letter plus ellipsis is what shows on the second line (b...) is particularly classy. Please fix the problem!

  21. Okay, I see some new image options have been added to the Top Posts widget. That still doesn't justify ruining the look of the widget for those of us who want to keep the nice-looking text-only widget we had before yesterday.

    Furthermore, I've no doubt there are a lot of WP bloggers out there today wondering why their widget is broken, who won't think to come to the forums for an explanation of this unannounced new feature.

  22. I already drew back that widget to hide it from view. I'll wait for this thing to get fixed before going back to use it.

  23. There are more widget happenings folks. There are now 2 new widgets. Posts I like and Blogs I Follow.

  24. @timethief Why don't they announce these things?

  25. Oh but they do announce things, after the fact. lol :D

  26. least "Blogs I Follow" is optional, but why not make it an add-on to "Blogroll / Links", instead of a whole new links thing?

    Maybe they'll bring back the "Add To Blogroll" button with a cute new name...

    after the fact.'d be nice if they told the HapEng people so they could expect people.

  27. @feartheseeds
    I'm using a responsive width theme (Twenty Eleven) and I know that those viewing my blog on a mobile or tablet are going to experience all sidebar content displaying below my posts. I know by 2014 there will be mobs of people using mobiles and tablets. I'm not inclined to add a single widget. I'm actually moving in the other direction. I will be offering more custom menu access to my blogb and less sidebar access ie. fewer widgets as the year progresses.

  28. macmanx,

    "Well, the title would have to be cut off at some point, because the widget cannot be infinitely wide.

    The titles have always been abbreviated, but we never added the "..." until just recently"

    Sorry, but this not correct.

    I've been blogging with WordPress for nearly four years and have never seen abbreviation in the "top posts or pages" widget before. I've sometimes had titles which stretched for three or four lines in the widget and the full titles were always displayed, sometimes broken up oddly with certain themes (That's why I chose the Koi, because the theme is very wide in comparison to most WP themes).

  29. ...the "Blogs I Follow" thing, I think it's the Blogger add-on people have been asking for. If you set it up with the image option engaged it looks like the "who's following me" thing on Blogspot blogs. Only better and different.

    It actually looks okay... once they give us control over how large the avatars are, and give it a random option, it might actually work.

    I like blogroll's, I wish more people spent time on theirs. I have friends in there, but I also have 'help' links for mental health issues, blogging issues... maybe I'm 'old-school', but putting someone's link or RSS feed in your sidebar used to be a huge sign of respect...

  30. ...whoops, that was meant as a reply to TT.

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