Why when I publicize to Facebook, does Word Press not use the proper image?

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    Why when I publicize to Facebook, does Word Press use a random image from my media file rather than the image either in the post or the image used as the feature image?

    The blog I need help with is wordwarriordavies-tight.com.


    WordPress is using random images from my other sites on posts I publicize to Facebook. For instance, my recipe of the week shows my Davies-Tight gallery logo from my art site, instead of the recipe photo. On an animal abuse article, WordPress inserted my recipe of the week logo. How do I fix this?



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    WordPress is not choosing the images for Facebook. That is a Facebook issue. They choose which image to display.

    I got tired of them choosing a random image from a post; Facebook would usually choose the least useful picture. So I publish a custom excerpt as my post which includes only one image. The custom excerpt also goes out to my email subscribers. As soon as Facebook picks up my “publisize” I paste the html of my complete and real post, then update.

    I don’t know what Facebook does with a wp.com account with more than one blog so cannot say why they would cross your animal abuse with recipes.


    Facebook doesn’t have access to my media files on my WordPress sites. That’s where the images are being grabbed from, not from inside the post or the featured image.

    I’ve been with WordPress and Facebook for over two years and this just started happening.

    When I post a salad recipe with one image of a salad, plus the same featured image, then that image should appear on Facebook. Why would WordPress give Facebook permission to go into my media files and attach other images, or other images from completely different domains?

    WordPress should have an answer for this. In the meanwhile, my Facebook wall is a joke. If I publicize a blank post, then go back and fill in the images, there will be no image on the Facebook post and that’s what attracts people.



    WordPress.com does have an answer for this. I’m sorry but when using Publicize, note that we have no control over the images that Facebook chooses to display or when they choose to flush their image caches. We really only send them the URL of the post, and they hunt through that for the excerpt and images to include. From: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/avalaible-facebook-thumbnail-issue?replies=7#post-1000734
    Read also: http://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug
    from: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/fb-link-has-no-thumbnails?replies=4#post-936861


    As powerful and wealthy as WordPress and Facebook are I find it hard to believe that there is no way that the two can’t work this problem out for their constituents. Simply to say we have no control over what Facebook does, when it’s WordPress that is allowing Facebook to grab photos from the media files of WordPress bloggers is unacceptable.

    Basically what you’re saying is that if we don’t want our Facebook walls to look all scrambled up with photos that don’t match the articles posted, then stop publicizing to Facebook.

    I went to the links posted above and all were closed to further discussion.

    There was no resolution to this problem, and since everybody else’s concerns were closed to further discussion, guess we’re all stuck between a social media war.



    Have you made the same remarks to Facebook?


    Facebook doesn’t have a back door, so they can’t go in and alter people’s stuff. In the past, the couple times I asked a question of Facebook, there was no response, except that they don’t respond to individual issues.

    My goal is not to have a discussion with support staff. My goal is to have my posts from WordPress show up accurately on my Facebook wall.

    I did however, on my own, figure a way to circumvent. I post my post from WordPress, publicizing to Facebook, then go to Facebook and delete the post on my wall, which by the way also shows up in my news feed. Then I go back to WordPress and from the front end share to Facebook, clicking the share button on that post.

    I shouldn’t have to do that for every post. I don’t work for WordPress, thus I’m not going to be the go-between to resolve issues that I know both WordPress and Facebook could resolve.


    I have been having the same issue, but it only started happening about a week ago, it is really strange how it just started happening, it is very annoying and makes my facebook look really stupid.
    I assumed it was WP but this is a problem that has happened before and then WP have fixed it.


    I have the same problem. I created my Facebook page last week and have 2 post on there now using the worpress publicise function and they both have the same unrelated image from a very old unrelated blog post. I agree the Facebook page now looks stupid.
    Why doesn’t it use the featured image? Please fix or let me know what I’m doing wrong.



    You realise that what you’re doing is like complaining to a householder that the Google street-view of their house is obscured by a passing van or is untidy with bins outside.

    You could argue that they should have got together with Google and arranged that they came through at a time when the view was clear, or not on the day when rubbish was collected … but it would do little good in practice.

    Similarly Facebook could chose to take a particular image – maybe the featured image (though it is often not the best shape) or one with “for facebook” somewhere. However WordPress has no control over this – they publish a URL and facebook does everything else.


    You realise we don’t all realise that this is how it works, and as WP is the only thing that is updated on facebook in this manner, it is fairly easy to assume that the problem is with WP.
    I worked out it was facebook due to something else that happened. I can’t remember what. Sometimes you just need someone from WP to say, “hey it isn’t us”.
    misscommoncents1, it a problem with fb, it was doing it to mine, so I started deleting the posts and manually adding the updates, now it has gone back to doing it properly, I’m not saying this will fix it, but if it is fb, there isn’t much you can do but a find a way around it. Good Luck.


    It doesn’t really matter who is to blame. WordPress is aware of it, so they should contact Facebook on behalf of their bloggers. I’m wondering why WordPress engineers can’t talk to Facebook engineers. It’s not our problem, we’re not causing it. I gave up. I don’t publicize to Facebook via WordPress anymore. If I want to post on Facebook I do it separately, by copying and pasting and then uploading the photo I want. I’m out of this conversation with a little less respect for WordPress engineers.

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