Why won't a Kickstarter widget load on my blog? Title appears but not the pic.

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    I cannot get a Kickstarter widget to load on my blog. I go to widgets and enter the HTML code, but every time I hit save it disappears. The title will appear on my sidebar, but not the actual widget.
    Blog url: http://cultivatedancenh.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is cultivatedancenh.com.



    WP doesn’t allow embed codes (except from sources they collaborate with), for security reasons. Workaround here:


    hi juspi, thanks for the reply.
    I’m confused, because I was able to embed html code to get a KS widget last year when I ran a campaign. It’s just a widget to take you to the KS site, btw, not a video.



    You’re welcome.
    I didn’t say WP forbids all code: they strip out flash embed codes (tag “embed” or “object”) as well as iframes and javascript.
    If you’re talking about this post:
    then you did not embed any widget! The embed code was stripped out and all that was left was a linking image plus the URL of the widget. THe widget would have been this:


    no, I mean I really got the widget on there last year! (you can’t see it anymore cuz I took it down after my campaign was over. (in case i’m not using the right words, have a look at my website home page: katherineferrier.net. THAT’s what I’m trying to get onto my wordpress blog.)

    so, somehow I did it last year, but cannot get it to work this time.
    i tried to use your workaround suggestion, but i think it’ over my head. :~
    anything for dummies out there?



    a) Maybe they were giving a plain HTML code last year and a different one (javascript or iframe) now: I can’t tell if I can’t see the codes.

    b) Nope…


    hey…first, thanks so much for taking the time to help me! I appreciate it!

    so, here is the code that KS gives:
    <iframe frameborder=”0″ height=”380″ src=”http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/katherineferrier/cultivate-2012-growing-the-dance-scene-in-northern/widget/card.html” width=”220″></iframe>

    the workaround you gave me looks like it’s for video. do you know if it would work also for this widget?



    1. That’s an iframe: as I’ve already mentioned, iframes can’t be used on wordpress.com.
    2. Yes I do know (that is, I checked it): nope again…

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