Why won’t it let me change a tag keypunch?

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    I originally typed something like this: “this and that” , thinking it needed the quotation marks because it’s more than one word. But the marks themselves are not supposed to be part of the tag.

    Now I tried to fix it to read: this and that , without the quote marks, but it won’t let me do that. It keeps changing it back.

    The blog I need help with is attempter.wordpress.com.



    Why not delete that tag and then make a new one entirely? How many entries do you have with that tag?


    And, on another issue: tags and categories function in exactly the same way – there’s no point in using the same word or phrase as both a category and a tag in the same post.



    Raincoaster: OK, I only now saw how you can delete the tag from the left-habd column (I had been trying to do it manually right there on the edit post form). So that’s fixed, thanks.

    Panag: Unless I misunderstand, categories are the items listed on the right-hand column, where posts so categorized can be found, while the tags are what a search engine looks for.

    If I’m right about that, I don’t always want the same thing to be both a tag and a category, though sometimes I do.


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    Tags and categories are both used the same way by search engines. You should limit the total number of categories + tags to = 12 or fewer per post. Using a duplicate tag and category will count as 2 in that equation.



    And I’ve known staff to take a blog off the global tag and category pages for using the same tag and category. They consider it tag spamming. Don’t risk it. Use either a tag or a category for a phrase, don’t tag a post “Whatever” and then also categorize it “Whatever”.



    OK, then I won’t do that anymore. Thanks.

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