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Why Won't Links Show In Categories?

  1. I have been on other WordPress blogs and I see links broken out into categories (i.e. Blogroll, Clubs, Training & Supplies, etc). I have the links categories on my Dashboard into these categories; however, they are not broken up on the actual webpage. Any recs/advice appreciated. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. They show on the individual blog pages.

    Looks like a peculiarity of the theme, in that it won't show on the main page.

  3. See, I don't see them broken up there either. I wanted my Blogroll to be just that - showing the Blogs ONLY. I didn't want them mixed in with other links (i.e. the AKC, German, etc). There are more I want to add, but don't want it to be any more confusing.

  4. Wait, you're talking about the BLOGROLL, not categories and tags?

    Then you need to categorize your links. Leave some as Blogroll, edit the rest to Dog Breeds or Breeders or whatever.

  5. Yes, blogroll. I did categorize. I made 6 different ones, selected the website, checked the category it belonged to and made sure my dashboard said "visbile." Still not broken up on the real site though for some reason. Ideas?

  6. Hmm. Can you give me an example of what your categories are and which links are categorized in each? It's possible the theme overrides it, but I've never seen that before. You could try switching themes and switching back, to test, but if you do that, copy all the contents of your widgets first. Sometimes they get wiped.

  7. FWIW, I looked at Blix theme the other day and concluded that it does not separate links out by category:

    (See my reply for the Links details)


  8. Someone should report that to staff. I'm pretty sure that is something that they would want to fix, and are probably just not aware of the problem. It's the only theme I know of that does not show links by category.

  9. Yes, definitely. At least we know if you switch themes it should fix itself!

  10. The Blix "custom" links widget has been replaced by the default Links widget.

  11. @mtdewvirus, thanks for the quick fix on that. There will be some happy blix users out there.

  12. mtdewvirus -- thanks for letting us know.

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