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Why Won't My Avatar Change????

  1. Here's the problem: I decided I wanted to change my avatar, so I did. I didn't like the new one so I changed it again. I went to check to see if it changed but it didn't. It was still Agnyess Deyn so I changed it again to the Peanuts Gang, but still no change. Now I have it on Hello Kitty, but it still won't change. It's still Agyness Deyn! I pressed update my profile multiple times but still no change. Any suggestions???

  2. Give it about 10 minutes. I have the same issue.

  3. Avatars can take several hours to show up or change throughout the system. Typically, the change shows up first in the forums. There's a special thread for testing avatars:

  4. yapz... I found the same issue.... now still waiting.........

  5. i'm having the same problem, and i changed mine the day before yesterday.

  6. hows the result

  7. Well at least you HAVE avatars. Mine is black and I can't change it!

  8. A few hours?? It took six months for my old avatar to finally disappear. Be patient.

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