Why won't my blog print properly?

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    When I try to print out my home page or any of the individual posts on my blog, the site does not behave properly. On some computers, the head and foot print, but not the post content. On MacOS Chrome, nothing prints at all.

    I can’t find any settings that would block people from printing my blog. Am I doing something wrong? I am using the Reddle theme.

    The blog I need help with is boblitton.wordpress.com.


    That’s usually an issue with the browser or printer.



    I have tried different computers, different browsers, and different printers at different locations. Other sites, even other wordpress.com sites, are printing with no problems.

    May I ask you to test it for yourself and see if it will print for you on your particular browser/printer combination?



    Hi Bob,

    I was able to reproduce your issue, so I have asked for assistance and I will get back to you. Thanks!



    Thank you very much!!!




    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The culprit was a bug in the Reddle theme. It’s been taken care of, and printing should now work properly. Can you try printing again to confirm that it works on your end?



    Dear Michiecat —

    Well, the posts are printing out okay now. However, you changed my type font to a non-serif , and I always use Times New Roman. In fact, Times New Roman was used in all three of my to-date blogs, and I want to use it in the future….but I can’t because the composing screen doesn’t give me any option. Now I don’t know how I managed to use Times New Roman before!!! What happened to the font option device???

    I want to revert the font in the current posts back to Times New Roman and have an obvious access to that font in the future. How are we going to accomplish that?




    Hi, Richard or Michiecat —

    This is Sunday, January 27.

    I just received an e-mail from WordPress asking for a “rating” of your support efforts on my behalf. It only gave me three options: thumbs up, thumbs down, or a wobble of the hand. I needed to comment more specifically than that, and I did so when I responded. However, your form query gave as an e-mail address “donotreply.com”!!!

    Thus, I feel it necessary to send this additional e-mail (which also contains the info I wrote in that response). But first, I want to point out to you that my experience has shown that it is too difficult to reach a helper there at WordPress; I had to enlist the aid of a computer-geek friend of mine to help me get through to you. Also, why are not type font choices available to your users? The remainder of this e-mail deals with that issue.

    Before I paste on this message that other e-mail’s message, I want to emphasize that I don’t harbor any ill feelings against you or WordPress. How could I dare do that when I am receiving your services free of charge?!! I just feel the desire to give you a little friendly advice: Work on simplifying your system, make it easier for folks to reach a real person, and don’t mess up the posts by altering their type fonts.

    Now, here’s what I sent in that reply to your request for a review:

    Sorry that I can’t respond to your request for a rating. Although you apparently have solved the problem of my not being able to print out my posts, now another problem has arisen, supposedly as a result of your work on my blog.

    The new problem is that you have somehow reversed the fonts at the “Edit” and “View Post” locations. Formerly, when I wrote a new post, the font I was working with was a


    one; and then, when I published the post, the resulting product appeared in a


    font (presumably Times New Roman). I liked that system well enough. I always use Times New Roman whenever I write an e-mail or an essay via MS-Word. But now, when I pull up my WordPress blog, the “Edit” page is in serif and the “View Post” page is in sanserif.

    Please return my blog to its former appearance. Please, please, please make the published page be in Times New Roman or whatever relaxed, comfortable serif font you formerly employed there. A sanserif font looks too much like a telegram!!!

    When you have acceded to my above request, I will be happy to rate your support in the format you apparently prefer.

    Thank you,
    Bob Litton



    Hi Bob,

    The change made to your theme, Reddle, only affected the bug that you had with printing, and should not have affected the fonts used by the theme. In fact, the font-stack (the fonts used in displaying the text for the site) for this theme has always been:

    “Verdana, sans-serif”

    I cannot explain why you were able to see it in Times New Roman; maybe you had a browser extension that modified the way the site was displayed for you? In any case, I can assure you that the theme has always used Verdana, it was using Verdana when I first responded to your original issue, and that all of your visitors would have seen it with Verdana or their system’s sans-serif font. You can see for yourself on the Theme’s page here:


    If you want to view it with Time New Roman, you can use a Browser extension to modify your stylesheet, just for you. If you use Chrome, I recommend Stylish.

    If you want to permanently change the font used for your site, so that all visitors will see a Serif font, you would need to purchase the Custom Design upgrade, to modify the CSS for your site.

    If you need any help with Stylish or the Custom Design upgrade, please let me know!

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