why wont my domain work?

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    i just bought a domain – and went through all the steps. only problem is, when i click the link that is supposed to take me there, it says the website doesnt exist! whats going on?



    1. Did you purchase the domain from WordPress?
    2. Did you purchase domain hosting from wordpress also?
    3. Did you follow all of the steps to get WordPress to host your new domain on your WordPress blog?



    Purchasing a domain name and getting the domain name to connect to your existing wordpress blog are two completely different things. So, you probably successfully purchased the domain name, and all you have to do now is to get the domain name to connect to your existing wordpress blog which costs $10 dollars for domain hosting, if you have not already paid for wordpress domain hosting. Disclaimer: I’m assuming this is how it works, but I have always purchased my domains from a different website, (no good reason) (force of habit), so it is possible that when you purchase the domain name from wordpress that the process of also hosting the domain name is totally automated. Maybe another member can help me out with that information. :-)



    What is the URL of the domain name that you bought? What is the URL of the WordPress.com blog to which you want it applied? Give us both links, starting with http.

    Also, it takes a few hours for everything to settle in. When did you make the purchase?

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