Why won't my new post show up in my email when it usually does immediately?

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    Because I follow my own blog, I normally receive an email immediately when I publish a new post. However, this morning I published a new post about an hour ago, and I still have not received the email notification for it.
    Blog url: http://sapphostorque.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is sapphostorque.wordpress.com.



    This may seem silly, but have you tried the spam folder? Sometimes things get caught without it making any sense.. Does the post show up on your website?


    Not silly at all, and thanks for responding. I did already try the spam folder, and it wasn’t there. And this support question thread is showing up in my email with no trouble at all.

    In every way, the published post appears to be acting normally, except for not showing up in my email. And since I’ve had almost no views on it yet — also unusual — I’m assuming it hasn’t shown up in the email of my followers yet, either.



    A number of bloggers have reported problems with feeds and email updates. I’ll flag this for staff attention.

    You aren’t using any Sticky posts, are you? Or was the post scheduled?


    Thanks for your response. No, I wasn’t using Sticky posts and hadn’t scheduled the post to update automatically or anything like that. (I admit I’m only assuming I know what you mean by that; I’m not an expert on blogging or how to use WordPress by far!) I wasn’t doing anything differently.

    I posted another new post a while later and it appeared in my inbox normally. I guess it was just a glitch? No idea. But what I really want to know is whether I should try reposting the earlier one so that my followers will get it in their email.



    Can’t hurt. Copy it all then delete the post, then make a new post.


    Please read this > Topics > Missing posts
    Note: After you edit the posts and delete the excess categories and tags it will take several days for your posts to beign appearing in the Topics pages again. The rule of theumb for assigning categories and/or tags is to use as few relevant categories and tags as possible – not the opposite. Aearch engines pay more attention to your keywords in your content than they do to your keywords in Tags/Categories and Google search spiders can detect when any keywords used in categories and/or tags are not supported by the text in any post. http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2012/03/01/revisiting-keywords-and-tags/


    P.S. I apologize for the typos. My app isn’t working. :(


    Thanks for the advice.

    Out of curiosity, is there a way to copy over comments from a post to the new posting of it? Or once I delete it, am I just out of luck?


    We used to be able to manually copy and past comments but I don’t believe we can do that since the Recent update to commenting took place. These explain what’s changed when it comes to commenting and why it was changed:
    Recent update to commenting:

    I never ever create a 404 (page not found) by deleting a post because if it has been indexed by Google and other search engines the result is not a pretty one > http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2011/08/05/avoid-creating-404-pages/

    I hope you did not overlook my first comment above as it’s an important and relevant one. You are spamdexing AKA tag spamming (over tagging) and that has negative consequences. That’s the key point in this thread.


    Thank you again.

    And no, I didn’t overlook it; I’m trying to figure out how to comply. My posts tend to range over a lot of different things. Is the problem too much specificity in the tags?


    Regarding the comments: I decided to undelete my original post and then put a note on the new posting saying why it was a duplicate. I also tweaked the new version slightly — extra editing, as it were.


    Is the problem too much specificity in the tags?

    1. You are using too many categories or tags. In most cases, there’s no need to assign more than a handful of tags per post. If you use more than 15 tags and categories (total), your posts will not appear on topic pages (because you don’t want to see irrelevant content showing up there, and neither do we). http://en.support.wordpress.com/topics/#missing-posts


    Actually, what I’d meant by my question was whether I was trying to be too specific in naming my categories/tags and therefore ending up with too many of them. I had already read the support post you were referring to.

    Now I’m in the process of going back to all my old posts and making sure that I don’t have more than 15 categories/tags (combined). And in the future I’ll be more careful about it. I’d thought having more tags and categories was the better way to go, but then I’m still learning about blogging all the time. I can see why there would be value in limiting the number; “spamming” in this way hadn’t occurred to me to be a problem, though I can see through the explanation in the support post why it would be.

    Thanks again.


    Hi again,
    Here’s the link to the learn wordpress.com tutorial.
    It’s a very common error for new bloggers to think that the more categories/tags they assign to post the better when the reverse is actually the truth. The flow of traffic from the topics pages to blogs is negligible at best. It’s search engine like Google and Bing that bring a signficant flow of traffic to blogs. Google search spiders can detect when any keywords used in categories and/or tags are not supported by the text in any post so editing and removing excessive categories/tags is a good idea. After you do that it will take several days for your post to display on the Topics pages here. Wishing you all the best with your blogging. :)


    I have another question. Is there a way to delete items from my list of categories? Thanks.


    Yes. You do that in your dashboard. See here > http://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/categories/#bulk-actions


    “…so editing and removing excessive categories/tags is a good idea. After you do that it will take several days for your post to display on the Topics pages here.”

    By this, do you mean that my old posts which I’ve gone through this afternoon to reduce the number of categories/tags to no more than 15 (combined) will show up in a few days, even though they are old posts? Or does this apply only to new posts going forward? I think you mean the former, but I just want to make sure.

    Thanks very much for all the guidance and the time you’ve spent answering my questions. Even though I did try to get through the tutorials when I first started, I think I was overwhelmed and so didn’t really absorb all I should have.

    All the best,


    I meant that if the system destected that you were using too many categories/tags then your posts would not be found on the Topics pages. Therefore if you edit and delete the excessive categories/tags it will take time (several days) for the system to recognize your posts are legitimate and do not violate any of the reasons for non-appearance on the Topics pages. Then they will appear on the Topic pages.


    Okay, then I don’t need to repost them for this to happen. The edit updates should take care of it?

    Thanks again.

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