why wont my photo post.

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    I have a website through office live small business, I added a module to my page to show a feed of my blog posts. but when I post to my wordpress blog, the photo does not show up on my website through office live small business. please help is there a setting I need to do to get this to work properly.

    thank you..

    The blog I need help with is frugalmamas.wordpress.com.



    All blogs here have 2 RSS feeds. One for entries (posts) and one for comments. These are the feeds for your blog.
    As you can see your entries(posts) feed is working.



    I’m not clear on whether or not you are referring to windows live spaces which has shutdown. If you are then please note that the following items do *NOT* come over in the import process:

    Photos that were in albums but not within posts
    Photos that weren’t used in posts are not part of the import process because they aren’t actually part of the Windows Live Spaces blog. They are part of the Photos or Skydrive service. The photo albums from Skydrive are always accessible and aren’t going anywhere. Anyone can find them at http://photos.live.com/.

    Please see here > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/live-spaces-retrieving-your-lists?replies=1
    Pending/draft posts

    The way we upload images here at wordpress.com is found in this entry. http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/



    I have the same problem. I added an image to my wordpress blog. It shows up. But when I include this blog in my officelive webpage, none of the links and image shows up.



    @aadhavk: The blog linked to your username is empty. What’s your blog’s URL please? The URL to the image you are referring to might help as well.



    actually setting have to be done but you are on the wrong side… no settings have to be done on wordpress side but microsoft…

    Just for your GK, anything can be fetched from your wordpress blog using XMLRPC stuff… So actually if pics are nt getting displayed its because your microsoft thing is not taking pics from wordpress… ask him to do so…

    P.S. modify setting at Microsoft end or if u are not able to call Microsoft Support



    earlier this week I updated to the new ‘dashboard’ & also updated flash & adobe – I can’t seem to any longer add images within my post. Clicking on the ‘add image’ icon does nothing – have spent an hour & a half this morning trawling the site trying to work out what is wrong or what could have changed……..needless to say, I am VERY frustrated with this. And YES – the size is ok (104kb) – format is ok (jpg) – uploading from my own scan & my own computer. Have been blogging since 2004 – never had a problem before – can someone help? I am on a tight time line at this end. Thx so much.



    Are you referring to your WordPress.com blog? The other people in the thread are referring to external websites, and we can’t help them.

    Updating Flash sometimes has an impact on uploading. Are you using the Flash uploader or the browser uploader? Have you tried using the opposite of what you’re using now?



    Which browser and version of it are your using? Have you tried this? http://en.support.wordpress.com/browser-issues/
    If not please do so now.

    P.S. Earlier today two IE users switched to using Firefox 4.0 and that resolved their image uploading problems.



    YES, thanks – I am using WordPress – I have 3 blogs,
    primary is thecolourguru.wordpress.com
    – while I am happy to upload Firefox – I would still like to understand what changed? I have posted without an issue for years & all of a sudden I can’t anything.

    I am using the new dashboard on WordPress – I just uploaded the new IE ?8? & upgraded Flash, as directed when I upgraded to the new dashboard.

    thanks for the replies everyone




    This is another thread where kellywpa ugraded from IE8 to IE9 and it solved the problem. Maybe it will work for you too https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/read-more-feature?replies=13#post-611869



    Oops! I forgot to post the link to contact Staff with. http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/



    thanks everyone for all of the help – I have downloaded & installed Firefox & all is well with the world. A little frustrated for all of the hassles & downtime – for no apparent reason – but can now get on with blogging again – thanks to all of the people who took the time to help to resolve my problem




    I’m sorry this happened to you but it’s good to know that Firefox is doing the job so you can get on with your blogging. Thanks for coming back and letting us know. Best wishes. :)

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