Why won't my posts publish?

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    I’ve been trying to publish the same post every day now for a few days now and no matter what day it is, who’s wifi I’m on or how many times I’ve restarted my browser or computer it won’t go through. It says its publishing, and the icon is spinning, but nothing ever ends up happening. I had written the post in Word and thought that it might be too long, so I cut it in half but that didn’t help. Then I tried just writing “test post” directly into the box and that won’t publish either. Help!
    Blog url: http://passportrequiredblog.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is passportrequiredblog.wordpress.com.



    the same thing is happening with me i put everything and click on post it says invalid request. i don’t know what to do. any one has wordpress people email or something i am going to tell then to fix my problem. please give me a answer. help me!


    Many, many, many previous threads on this over the last week or so with suggestions on ways to get posts to publish. Have either of you read any of those threads?

    Which post form are you using?

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