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Why won't my support comments show up?

  1. Whenever I respond to a support thread, my comment is highlighted in pink and does not show up. This is preventing me from being able to cummincate important information I need to fix my blog. How do ai remedy this?


  2. That means it's in the spam filter. Please post the URLs here and our Moderator will fish them out for you.

  3. You want the blog url of the account?

    It is
    Tho currently I have it as

    Does that give you what you need?

  4. Ugh. Now this is pink as well. Why is everything getting caught in the spam filter?

  5. Ok, now my responses to YOU are being flagged as spam. Why am I getting nailed by filters? Ugh.

    You need the url of the blog linked to the account getting blocked?

    Why am I being hit by spam filters?

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