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Why Won't My Video Show up in My Blog Page?

  1. Hi, I created a new page and pasted this link from Youtube, but when I previewed the page the video wasn't there. What's up with that? How can I embed this video in my page?

    Rocket Test Video

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Also how can I Edit My Post on this forum if I need to change something?


  3. groovychick123

    I had exactly the same thing and someone else did. Thought I was going crazy. Someone said my "embed video was disabled by request" but didn't say how to enable it. so just awaiting their confirmation. there must be a bug of some sort as I didn't disable embedding. I wouldn't even know how to do that.

  4. @groovychick123
    Please note your problem has already been answered here > The videos in your blog are not displaying because the copyright holder disabled embedding. Nothing you do can change this.

  5. @lornemclean
    Provided the copyright holder of the video in question has not disabled embedding, if you follow these instructions to the letter then the videos will display on your blog just as they do on my test blog.

  6. @lornemclean

    Also how can I Edit My Post on this forum if I need to change something?

    This is a peer support forum. Those answering questions are your fellow bloggers who are volunteers. The editing function was removed years ago because some abused it. Only Staff and our Moderators can edit threads on this forum.

  7. @lornemclean: To insert a Youtube video in a post, you copy the video URL, switch the post editor to HTML, and paste it this way:


  8. Wow, it worked Thanks everyone.

    A quick question. My video is centered horizontally in the page but want to align it to the left of the page. How do I do that?


  9. Hi timethief - my problem has not resolved. It is only a few of the videos that are disabled by request, has Pana confirmed - see my post.

    Pana has suggested there may be a connection problem but I can still view videos elsewhere. Am just going to try his suggestion about HTML.

  10. the problem my end is every single video I have ever posted. There must be a view tab I have disabled.

  11. Give us a link to one of your videos on its YouTube page.

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