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    I am using IE 8 (not by my choice!) and when I log in to view my Reader, it keeps saying it’s loading but nothing ever actually loads. I updated Flash and I still have this problem. Is there anything else I can do?
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    Are you willing to try downloading Firefox and trying it?


    There was a bug introduced on Friday that caused some trouble for IE. It should be fixed now, please try the reader again. If you continue to have trouble, please try clearing your browser cache as a next step.


    @timethief- I would download it, but I’m at work and I honestly don’t know if they’d be okay with that.

    I just tried recommended blogs and those came up, but when I press “Blogs I Follow” or any of the topics that I follow, the area where the blogs should come up just remains blank.


    Just to make sure, did you try clearing your browser cache before trying the Reader again? I also tested IE again just now, but I have the latest version which is IE9 and it sounds like you’re using an outdated browser version.



    Those who are running windows XP cannot upgrade to IE9. I’m thinking that maybe a factor here. I run windows XP and I use Firefox rather than IE8.


    I have the same problem, I have emptied the cache several times but it still only shows me an empty page and it works fine for me at home on Chrome.



    I have exactly the same problem ! I thought it was something I was doing wrong (I’m very new to WordPress), so I’m glad to see I’m not alone.

    I have tried to ‘follow’ a few people but so far I’m not getting their updates. I also have no idea where my posts are being seen, but I am getting some traffic, just wish I could access others blogs easily.


    photographydream, just to make sure, are you using IE8 when you are unable to view the reader? Is the entire page empty, or can you see some of it load and just the part under “Blogs I Follow” appears empty?

    middy64, not getting updates might be a separate problem (I can’t tell yet from the info you provided so far). Are you also using IE8?


    designsimply, yes I am using IE8. But I cannot upgrade and it worked fine until a few weeks ago.
    I can see all the content on all other tabs, I can actually even see the content under the other menu points, but I just can’t get my reader updates. It’s a blank frame.



    I am having the same problem as above at work. Cant download any other browsers, and cannot dowload IE9….



    I have flagged this thread for Staff attention like the others.

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