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Why won't static home page load when url is entered instead of 'Page not found'?

  1. I cannot get a static home page for the Widely theme to come up when the basic url is entered:

    It will only load when '/Home' is added to the url.

    Also, below the 'Page not found' message the default (blog) home page format for the Widely theme still appears, even though I did set up a blog page as instructed.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It seems you hadn't selected a static front page yet in your Reading Settings. I've just changed this for you.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

  3. Kardotim,

    I double checked that the Reading Setting was correct before I wrote you about this.

    I also checked the other area that offers this option (via: Themes-Customize box for Widely theme-Left side bar with expanding menu offering Static home page option) to make sure it was also correct.

    After getting your reply, I found the home page still has the blog format. So I went back and double checked again; links to the 3 screenshots of what I saw are:

    #1 Reading Settings Screenshot - looks correct at 11:42am (pacific coast time):

    #2 Static Option via Themes route Screenshot - looks correct at 11:38am:

    #3 View Mode Screenshot - Still shows blog format at 11:44am (and now, 3:51pm):

    I logged out to look at the home page, as well; it still shows the blog format.

    Hope you can do something to fix this. I have 2 other blogs already set up with the Widely theme; there was no problem setting up a static home page with either site (they're listed below).

    Hope you can fix this problem on the ebctheatre site.



  4. Your other blog (ccinteriorsblog) doesn't have any posts like 'ebctheatre' does. The 'ebctheatre' blog has 2 posts and that's why these post titles show up on the front page.

    The front page of the Widely theme is made to show static content on the top and blogs listed at the bottom, just like this demo:

    You can read more of the Widely features at . Otherwise maybe the Twenty Twelve theme can offer you the features you want.

  5. Kardotim,

    Thanks for your quick response. Just FYI, originally, I did try to format Widely with some static content at the top of the blog/home page. After I got rid of the huge slider pic, I set up a table for 3 image links.

    Then, when that didn't work, I tried going to an entirely static home page with the table, which didn't work, either, and that's when I contacted you.

    However, I am very pleased with the blog theme you suggested I try instead, Twenty Twelve!

    One question I have about this theme: To keep the full width format for the blog post pages, it looks like I'll have to build a 'Blog Categories' page to be able to set up a list of the categories with the link to each.

    Is that the best way, or did I overlook some sort of automated way this can be handled for those of us wanting the full width format even on our blog post pages?

    Thanks again for your suggestion to look at the Twenty Twelve theme. : )


  6. When editing a page you can select a page template at your right hand side. To set the page to Full-Width, choose 'Full-Width Page Template, no side' from the Template dropdown menu.

  7. Kardotim,

    Have already gone ahead and set up a full width blog page. My question was about how I can list blog categories for visitors to my site -- without the side column there is no place to put the archive/categories widget.

    My question was: Is creating a page that lists my blog categories with a link to each the best way for me to enable visitors to see my blog categories -- or is there another more automated way the blog categories can be displayed and added to that I overlooked?


  8. I'm sorry, that's not possible on You may be interested in creating a custom menu instead. A custom menu allows you to display Categories with drop-downs to sub-categories in tabs along the horizontal navigation where normally only Pages tabs are displayed.

    You can accomplish this by following the instructions at:

  9. Thought WP would probably have something to handle this!
    Thanks, Kardotim. : )

    Love the Twenty Twelve theme!


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