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Why won't the contact form email go where I direct it?

  1. I changed the "Settings" email to an email other than mine for the contact form inquiries to go to. I went through the email change verification confirmation which says that the new email is verified. The contact form emails still did not come. I built the form using the form builder and specified in there to send the emails to this same address which is not mine. It still does not send them there and I still get them in mine. The website it is
    Blog url:

  2. Be sure to change your notification preferences if you want the form submission to be sent elsewhere.

    This guide should come in handy:

    In particular, have a look at this section:

  3. If my description was not clear, I did that. It still is not working.

  4. In that case, it's possible that the emails are being caught by a spam filter, so you might check there.

    I don't see an alternate email listed in your notification preferences:

    Since there isn't an email address listed there, the contact emails will go to the post/page author's email address.

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