Why won't the Twitter Follow Button display in the Twiiter widget?

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    I have the “Ocean Mist” theme, and I am currently using the twitter widget. Everything within the widget seems to be working, such as my tweets are posting correctly. I have checked the Display Follow Button box in the settings of the widget. However, the follow button does not display as a button. It displays as a link like this: Follow @lifeismysport . Why won’t the button display? Is there a setting i’m missing somewhere?
    Blog url: http://lifeismysport.wordpress.com/


    I can see a button now, could you check if it might be a browser issue?


    I’ve tried IE 8.0.6001.18702 and Firefox 5.0. Neither one showed correctly. I signed out and then viewed my page and it showed the button. When I logged back in (Firefox), it doesn’t show the button. Is there a difference in the way a page is displayed based on log-in status?


    There are very few differences (most notbaly the admin bar at the top), but not in what concerns your blog’s widgets…


    Thanks for looking at this. Still, every time I log out and view my blog, I see the button. When I log in and view my blog, the button is gone, but the link remains. As long as it appears correctly to others, I’m fine with that. It’s more of an annoyance to me than a real problem at this point. Thanks again.

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