Why won't WordPress permit appropriate Edits for my text and images

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    WordPress is not making edits that I make on one of my blogs (Floodstage at the Memory Theatre blog). It reverts to earlier ones or ignores changes altogether. I am updating as I go.

    When I try to edit, the edit box reverts to earlier versions.

    The blog I need help with is johncampionblog.wordpress.com.



    Hi there – Can you please provide a bit more detail about what’s happening on your end?

    Can you please clear your browser cache and if that doesn’t fix it, try an alternate browser such as Firefox or Chrome to see if the same thing happens? That would help us narrow down a possible browser-related problem.


    I make edits for the bog and they do not show up after the update. The page keeps reverting to earlier drafts.



    Hi there – I need a bit more information about what’s happening on your end to troubleshoot this. Were you able to try another browser, as suggested, and did you have the same issue in that browser? That will help me know what to look at.


    The blog in question is
    If you look down this page, you will see that the descriptions do not match the position of the art. When I edit the page to the correct positions and update the page. The blog returns to material you see on the website now.

    I run Safari 5.06 on my mac os 10.5.8. My regular website on wordpress
    is http://worldatuningfork.com/.
    I use the same browser and mac–no problem. The same for my other blog at



    Hi there – There are a few things going on here. For one, the third, fourth, and fifth images are left and right aligned in turn, which means the text should wrap around them, but there’s no text in that section of your post, so it looks weird.

    If you want them to sit side-by-side, make all three of them either right- or left-aligned, and then you’ll need to adjust their sizing to make sure one doesn’t drop down to the line below.

    A simpler way to do this would be to put them in a gallery of three across:

    Then they’d be automatically sized to appear neatly.

    The same is true for your other images further down the post. I suggest playing around with the image alignment and galleries to see how that works; I think galleries will help you out. You might also try center-aligning some images, instead of justifying them to the right or left.

    Finally, if you break the hyperlink on that Vimeo video, the video will embed in your post. :) It won’t work if it’s a clickable link; click on it, and click the ‘unlink’ button (looks like a broken figure 8) to break the hyperlink.

    Let me know if you have further questions!


    I have tried all of the suggestions. When I update and then look at the page, it looks nothing like what I did. It leaves gaps between images, doesn’t wrap text, etc. In short, it doesn’t make the edits. On my regular page–
    –this doesn’t happen, only on this blog. check the page out and see, that it doesn’t have the problems that are self-evident on the blog at



    Hi John – Your other site is a self-hosted WordPress site, which is different from sites hosted here at WordPress.com. You likely use a plugin or theme-specific setting of some kind to plug your images into galleries on that site.

    The issue with your image-heavy page is that you have things like the following: Here are three images, and they are right- left- and right-justified respectively:

    If you had a lot of text in there, it would wrap around them, but you don’t, so the images are just sort of wrapping around each other and they look odd.

    You could fix this by: (1) left-justifying all three so that they sit in a line, but as I said, you’d have to monkey with the sizing, so that they didn’t drop down below each other; (2) centering them, so that they display on top of each other in a vertical line; or (3) putting them into a gallery.

    Here’s how they look when I put them in a gallery (I don’t think I got the same three images, but this is just as an example):

    There are also many other gallery styles you can choose if you don’t like that one.

    Can you please go through that post and try reformatting some of your images as suggested? Here are instructions on how to set up a gallery:

    And here’s information about how to make images sit beside each other on a single line:

    If you get stuck, let me know. I’m happy to work with you until you get your images appearing correctly.

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