why wordpress blog account suspends

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    Hi, i m new to this blog, like:
    It says:
    This blog has been archived or suspended.
    what is archived and what can be the reason it got suspended although i have read terms and conditions but is the blogs should be total personal,, can’t even we make a specific blog about something like i making on jewellery.

    Plz help me.


    i also want to know if i paste some content about jewellery that might not be copyright then also it will get suspended
    but if i provide a link to the articles or content then wordpress will think its a spam although i have no connection with those site??



    You need to contact WordPress support to find out why the blog got archived or suspended. If you were using the blog to sell things, or you had advertising on it, then that violates the Terms of Service.

    If you link to other information and it’s not for advertising purposes, that shouldn’t be a problem. You need to ask WordPress.com about what happened here.

    I can still see indianjewelry.wordpress.com, but not india.wordpress.com.


    ya my blog is not suspended but as i m new user so little afraid of starting with it.



    indianjewel – start the blog and make a few posts in the style that you would continue doing so. Then send a feedback and we can help.


    thanks for reply.

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