Why WordPress doesn't allow advertisements?

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    I love wordpress. But I can’t able to monetize my wordpress.com blog so I switched to Blogger where I have all the freedom to post advertisements and monetize it. I admit, wordpress.com is a much better platform. If ever wordpress.com decided to allow ads, and I hope it will in the near future. I’ll switch back again. Do you guys are studying this? Or is it really ‘forever no ads’ on wordpress.com?

    The blog I need help with is thelivingbread.wordpress.com.


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    I think wordpress doesn’t allow ads is because of safety issues.



    That’s certainly one reason. Ads nowadays have all kinds of crap built into them. Another is that WP.com costs money to run, and one way it pays for itself is the ads that WP.com puts on our blogs.

    Another is that WordPress DOES allow ads, if you use a paid host and software from WordPress.ORG. There are literally tens of thousands of hosts, if not hundreds of thousands. Use them if you want WordPress and ads.



    There is adlready advertising running on our blogs. WordPress.com has been running advertising on our free hosted blogs since 2006. Many bloggers do not know this because despite the fact they ticked the box required to get a free blog, they did not read the ToS. Many also do not read features page, or advertising entry in the support documents after registering their username and blog(s). Also note that as the ads do not display to us when we are logged in and as many use browsers with Adblookers when logged out they may not realize they are there at all. The only way to get rid of all advertising on our free hosted WordPress.com blogs is to purchase an annually renewable No-Ads upgrade.

    The advertising exceptions noted in support documentation are for high traffic blogs that qualify for and are accepted into the Ad Control program, and for extremely high traffic blogs that qualify and are accepted into the paid VIP hosting program.


    You might also want to read this on why wordpress.com is virtually spam free. When you open up to user advertising, you also open yourself up to sploggers (spam bloggers) whose only reason for existing is to lure visitors to their site to click on their ads, and that is a sure way to get your hosting site the label of “low-rent.”



    Allow ads and the cost of hosting would go through the roof for WordPress.COM as millions of Sploggers added their crap – the neighborhood would go to hell for sure and the increased costs would need to be made up somehow –



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