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    Having problems loading images as well… the new interface really really sucks.. why mess with a good thing???


    If no one ever messed with a good thing, you would still be using MSDOS on a 14″ monitor who’s only color was green or amber and all your programs would be on 5-1/4″ floppy disks – no hard drives.


    @thesacredpath: lol.. got me there.. what I meant was that users should have been given the option of using the old interface while getting used to the new one..



    Something that so many are overlooking is that we aren’t upset because the dashboard is new–we are upset because it doesn’t work properly! That’s a BIG difference! I am more than willing to learn new features, I just cannot operate my blog when my screen freezes when I try to post or when I try to edit, or when I have to wait an eternity for the category words to load, or when I have to devise my own ways to get video into my blog, that require several more steps than before. This is not an improvement! At any rate, no one blames you raincoaster. You have tried desoerately to help, as have so many others, including thesacredpath, and we DO appreciate your efforts so very much. I know that you must be exhausted and frustrated yourselves with all the chaos this has caused. I guess we can all rest assured that evetually all these problems will be worked out. It’s just that everything worked so well before. It was easy to navigate, and most of us are not computer nerds. We are just wanna be writers. LOL! Thanks again for all your help, but please try and understand our feelings also. Read all my problems with the new dashboard here: http://sparkle333.wordpress.com/2008/04/06/the-terror-of-technology/






    i have problems with uploading images. yes, we should’ve had warnings, but the changes looks nice – thanks guys at WP – just sort out all bumps asap please!



    @raincoaster @thesacredpath
    Thanks for your comments guys and thanks for helping out almost everyone with a problem around here.. I did not know about the discussion prior to new dashboard launch. So in a way I was at fault… but not fully at fault!
    And I am not suggesting we never change… All I ask for is to make it a step by step process so that people can get used to the interface — Like I said initially I like the main dashboard page after that its kind of funny

    And hey thanks for the support link — apparently its closed for now! =( any suggesions?

    [I] An “I hate the new WordPress” post was among the top ten posts yesterday, so it’s a monster for getting hits. [/I]
    LOL great idea..(and I did it much before u suggested it!!) But I don’t have google ads so I don’t think hits matter so much!



    I think this is one of the biggest blunders WordPress has made to date. Since the new dashboard came on I have been unable to post anything which includes videos and images have not been easy either. I don’t understand why WordPress would take something that works fine and turn it into an abortion! Has ANYONE had any luck embedding videos from YouTube or Google? Each time I try to embed a video using the video button I am taken to a page where I insert the embed code then click insert in post and I am taken to a blank page with no way to navigate back to the post. When I try to go back one page ( really 2 pages ) where I can see the post there is nothing there. When I check the post I find NO VIDEO. The whole thing is really frustrating. I used to post in a matter of a minute or so when I had the material all set-up now it’s a nightmare.
    Does anyone know if WordPress plans to continue with this so-called New Dashboard?
    Is there any way of using the Old Dashboard?


    The sudden change is like spanking your puppy and suddenly developing a blister! :)

    Seriously, … the changes made that contains a ton of problems for everyone, is pretty much idiotic at best!!

    I wish that they would show us a little backbone, change it back to the old Dashboard, and then change to the new Dashboard after the kinks have been worked out.
    But, … I doubt that backbone exists with their contemporary way of thinking things through!



    Can we have the old version back please. All the options are lined up and huge and takes up too much space on my screen. I need more space to see my typing so I can make corrections and edit etc, I dont need to see all the other buttons crowding me. Can the options go to the right column please!

    Everytime I press ‘enter’ I end up outside the text input box for some reason.

    I don’t know who the bright spark or bright sparks were who came up with this new layout but as this string of complaints asks, Why???



    And I thought I was the only one who didn’t like it. I hate pretty much everything about the new dashboard. The colour scheme, the minute font, the heckload of information they’re cramming into one page now. And I can’t even begin to make sense of the Widgets page. I wish there was some way to revert back to the old Dashboard.


    From what I have seen and read so far, ….. WP is in their “who cares” mode of thinking!

    WP is free, … and I appreciate that, … but this change is absolutely crazy in its approach!!



    I hate the new version too. I have already accidentally erased the last 25 comments on my site and I can’t find any way to edit new posts. Plus it’s just ugly! If here is any way to go back, do it ASAP!


    I don’t understand why WordPress would take something that works fine and turn it into an abortion!

    I second that thought! Ever since Dashboard changed, I have to fool around with the images to get them to post. Now my previous images are missing. What a PITA! I loved WordPress until this. Can we go back to the future and have the old image capabilities back? What a mess!!!!!!!!!



    I have been putting off this writing about blogs for a while but with last week’s unforseen changes in the wordpress format I think it is time. It is a curious, curious world the blogosphere. Filled with strange computer images, and stranger computer imagers. The most constant thing about it is the element of change. A world filled with competition driven angst and click driven mania to be first to be rich because you’re first. Programs, programmers, and web designers. Constant updates, requested and not requested, but like this one I’m talking about, foisted on the user in a sporadic barrage.

    Four days ago I opened up my blog, I say that with some disbelief, to find that a new layout was now in place on my wordpress dashboard. Buttons had been moved. The options for tags and categories were subtly different enough so that I had to spend time learning how they now worked. Even the terminology for management had morphed, maybe into something more valuable and useful but I’ll never know since the change was so abrupt as to be disrupt. For instance, one little item was now missing from my editing buttons. There is no spell check.

    And then, there was the case of the missing post. I was writing a new post, crafting it as I went by making sure I saved often as I wrote. My habit is to write the whole post, making note of where I might want to place links and then when I have finished the first write, I go back and insert. I save after each inserted link. Finally, I use the preview this post button to see the almost finished product. This time, as I wrote, I realized I was taking even more care probably because I was trying to think out the best way to word my thoughts. Anyway, with the process almost done, I clicked on the preview button. Up popped the separate window, which I enlarged and there was my post. I noted one small grammatical change but the rest looked great. So I closed the window and guess what? Instead of returning me to my almost perfect post, I found myself looking at the first paragraph I had written. Frantic searching with the back button revealed that everything except this one small piece was inexplicably gone. Thanks wordpress programmers. Two for two. No spellchecker and the preview process can’t be trusted.

    What to do? I clicked on the support button. Support is closed.


    The Akismet spam queue needn’t be right in the front so large either, and your “comments” section so tiny!
    Why would I want to look at my “spam” comments?
    When I first logged into this new version I accidentally clicked the prominently displayed Askimet one (which is conveniently very near the spot where your actual comments Used to be) and ended up at some weird Spam-blog page, possibly exposing my computer to damage from nefarious programming there!
    If my PC gets messed up form that- I want WordPress to pay to fix it!


    Sorry to hear that rhbee!

    My question now is this.
    Do the WP staff really give a damn?
    Addressing the concerns of the “vast majority” seems to have been put on the back burner, … if that!!

    Oh well, ….. I will not post anything for awhile in hopes that WP will come to their senses.
    I don’t want to lose anything neither!!

    Where’s the Advil?



    The dashboard changes are unfortunately the next in a series of changes (such as default snapview) which have increased the workload for users and lessened usability. Suggestions by users as to how to improve these changes for the benefit of users have often not resulted in corrections. The discussion of the new dashboard under the announcement blog is restricted, evidently, to only a few users. Those who try to provide suggestions for improving the product have their comments held in moderation (still after 4 days) but other users comments are allowed.

    Not only has the dashboard become more laborious and non-intuitive, but some themes have been altered as well (such as Sapphire) causing double or triple “tags” on posts (tags which lead the reader to WordPress.com and not to the user’s blog. This function was a previous improvement, finally conceded to be for the purpose of driving traffic to WordPress.com and not to individual blogs.)

    Novice users will have the most difficulty and those new to WP may end up at Blogger, I suppose. If users really want cute and flash there is MySpace. Seems to me that if Automattic Inc wants more profit they should listen to their users and make the software more usable and accessible. Basic principles of interface design have been abused by these latest changes.

    The paid support staff and the volunteer staff here are helpful for technical problems. But there needs to be a user discussion/suggestions to correct this latest “surprise” as well. I wasn’t aware of the negative changes to the widgets until reading this post, for example.


    Here are items I and another user have noticed but which are “still awaiting moderation” on the http://wordpress.com/blog/2008/04/04/new-dashboard/

    Any other users still in limbo?

    ** Please add “edit” to the delete spam approve choices for comments in moderation (it isn’t obvious to click on the commenter’s name and also to be comparable across the options)

    ** Please move the categories adjacent to the text box (as Sean suggested, http://wordpress.com/blog/2008/04/04/new-dashboard/#comment-38756 You’ve made short mouse movements (such as selecting categories for posts) difficult) Otherwise even on high res monitors one has to stop and move a lot of real estate to get to quick items.

    ** Also, tags are now doubled and tripled on individual posts and the sidebars on post are now removed. [may be theme specific– at least it is Sapphire but not, thankfully, the other two themes I use] . I also need the sidebar back because I want people to see what else they might find of interest at my site. It also makes extra effort for a reader to go back to the “home” page (if they can figure that out) in order to keep reading the blog. Readers don’t need extra effort. The new “Explore posts in the same categories:” tags inserted by WordPress are a mis-statement at best­ They send readers to WordPress.com, not to my site, and to who knows what other kinds of entries.

    ** It might be a good idea to have someone watch users and track the distances now required to find the most used items (like categories). Then re-arrange the spacing (and fonts and background colors) for users. [the tabs at the top of the dashboard are nearly invisible]

    ** There is a problem with the text on the edit page–
    “Post updated. Continue editing below or go back.” It isn’t at all obvious that “go back” is a link to “view site” rather than to go back to an earlier version of the post just edited.

    ** Also, it now takes an extra step to finish edits– the new save button instead of the old “save and continue editing” and “save” buttons means it take two clicks to get out of the edit mode.



    The new version is much better than the old version. But bloggers are right, wordpress should have to give bloggers the opportunity to switch their control panel to old or new.

    And one thing else, text widgets cannot be changed through Internet Explorer. I tried several times but I couldn’t.



    I am heartbroken with this new Dashboard. Putting images in is a nightmare….thank god I know some html code…but where o where are the images that I have stored over the last year?
    Also, each time I edit a piece, I loose all the assigned ‘categories’ and have to re-check them EVERY FRACKIN TIME!! This is soooo frustrating. Previously I would have suggested WordPress HANDS DOWN to anyone wanting a blog, but now I would say that if you want a smooth ride, run!
    Please revert WordPress to the old way.
    BTW I am using a mac OS 10.4

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