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Why would a post not be appearing on my blog page or in my admin list of blogs

  1. I have posted a blog several times and I get a page saying "you have posted your 59th blog" but it does not appear when going to my blog page and it shows up as an incomplete draft when going to my list of blogs in my administrative page, even after multiple attempts to post it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When I attempt to post again (copy and paste my writing into a new post) the page gets stuck and stays on a spinning circle/hourglass for a long while that says "Saving" although I have already click on Publish Post.

    The post is not actually on my blog page but when in the "edit post" page, the URL shown for the post is the following, however when going to this URL only the first line of my writing appears although there were several paragraphs.

    I can't post anything at this time. I would really appreciate any ideas or input. Thank you.

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