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Wide disparity in page view counts

  1. onfollowingchrist


    I posted a shortened url last night, (which resolves to, which according to quickly got 10 hits, going to 14 this morning.

    Yet WP shows 3 views for this page. I reedited the page a couple of times, NOT via the url, but I believe my own navigation does not count toward WP hits.

    So even if all of those 3 WP hits are all from outsiders, I don't understand in the wide disparity between 14 and 3.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. With a smaller number, the variation between two stats systems is going to be wider. No two stats systems count exactly the same thing.

  3. Oh, right, just remembered: strips out hits from bots. probably counts them. That'd do it.

  4. onfollowingchrist

    I see. Thanks very much, raincoaster, that adds an important layer of understanding to what's going on!

    Very glad this topic didn't scroll off unanswered!


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