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Wideget on my weblog

  1. Hello
    i can't no more modifie the widgets on my website !
    i can't move them to their place
    and i can't even modifie the facebook link on the Facebook widget

    Is it relted to the internet connexion or a beug !

    i really need this, cos i need to change for urgence a link of a facebook page LIKE

    Can please show me the way

    The blog I need help with is

  2. First off, try a different browser than the one you are using. That may well allow you to work with the widgets.

    If that does not work as a temporary workaround, go to appearance > widgets, click on the "screen options" tab at upper right, select "accessibility" and then edit and add links will appear on the ends of the title bars for the widgets and you should then be able to work with the widgets.

    There are others experiencing this, but it seems sort of random and does not affect everyone.

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