Widely: no active navigation links on image Attachment pages

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    On this post on my Gallery demo blog, http://agallerydemo.wordpress.com/2012/08/09/using-a-single-image-as-a-gallery-portal/ click on the image and you will note there is no active navigation link between the image Attachment pages.

    Please note I am not looking to use the Gallery feature on this post.

    Missing as well from the image attachment page: there is no link to the post where the image appears nor is there a link to the full-sized image.

    As an aside, I notice that when posting a new thread in the forums, one has the option of receiving followup posts via e-mail. Why not give this option on the “Contact Support” form, since in any event the majority of posts submitted there end up in the forums?

    The blog I need help with is agallerydemo.wordpress.com.



    I have also just looked at one of the image Attachment pages in that above post only to find that in FF17.0.1 there is a white line that crosses the image about 2/5 from the top. Clicking anywhere in that top area does indeed bring me to the next image Attachment page, but why the ugly line and dead links?

    Helpful screenshot



    Hi justjennifer,

    Thanks for the report. I confirm there are bugs on image attachment page in Widely. I filed a ticket and we’ll sort this out as soon as we can.





    Time to change theme there then. :)




    Just to let you know that we’ve added a link to a post that the image is attached to, and a link to full size of the image on image attachement page. Also we’ve fixed the issue on image navigations.

    Thanks for reporting the issue.

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