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    Hi there,

    1. Is it possible to limit the posts displayed on the static home page to just 4 ?

    2. Is it possible to somehow remove the prefix “Category Archives:” when it is displaying a page name which is a category?

    I appreciate your help :)

    The blog I need help with is bararowing.wordpress.com.



    1. Settings > Reading.
    (By the way, the page that displays your posts isn’t a static page.)
    2. No, except if you have the Custom Design upgrade.



    Thank you. I went into Settings > Reading and in Front page displays: I checked Static page (Home). The next option is Blog pages show at most and I chose 4, but my front page is actually not a Blog page, which is why it is not working I think. I want the format in the Widely demo, which has the posts displayed in 4 columns directly under the Featured Content slider…

    Also, I have got the Custom Design upgrade, so you can fire away with any helpful CSS snippets to hide that nasty Category Archives wording :)

    Thanks again for your help!



    You’re welcome.

    Sorry for the wrong reply: your blog is set to private, so I couldn’t see what you were talking about and mistakenly assumed you were referring to the default homepage (= main posts page).
    And yes, the posts-per-page setting applies to regular dynamic pages (main posts page, category pages etc), not to the ‘special’ homepage on Widely. That page automatically displays 4 posts in a row then 3 posts in a second row. Do you man you want to remove the second row via CSS editing?

    To remove the C.A. heading, try this first:

    .page-header h1 {
        display: none;

    This might also remove the heading from types of pages you don’t want it removed: check things after you add it and let me know so I can suggest an alternative, if necessary. (When you ask CSS questions, it’s easier for us if we can see your blog.)

    In the future make sure you post CSS questions in the CSS forum, not the Support forum: saves time (for you and us alike), and helps other users who may be looking for the same answer.

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