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Widen Blog & Custom Header

  1. I am using the Ambiru template. I want to widen my blog and use a header that is 980x400 pixels. How do I widen the blog and how do I use a photo as a header without using the custom header tool?

    Thanks for any help !

    The blog I need help with is

  2. can't really help without a link to your wordpress.COM blog

  3. also, those changes would require you purchase the CSS upgrade

  4. sorry blog is
    I do have upgrade

  5. The CSS upgrade is recommended ONLY to those who are adept at CSS editing. There is no Staff support for learning CSS editing.

  6. If you have the CSS upgrade, it's also recommend you to read this:

  7. Thanks devblog. I will bookmark that url.

  8. I'm not very familiar with CSS and I have received help here with one of my other blogs. I was just wondering if anyone new what to add to the css to make it wider.

  9. There are very few volunteers who can help you. They do NOT regularly post to this forum. devblog is one of those who can help and he has already posted into this thread leaving you a link above.

  10. little changes like this isn't hard, I'd recommend searching the forums, many people have asked similar questions before either that or wait for someone that has more time to show you how to do it.

    980 width seems big and might cause you to have an annoying scrollbar at the bottom of your blog, I'd recommend lowering that down to 960px width, then again my screen resolution is only at 1024 x 768px.

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