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    Hello. I’ve purchased the new CSS upgrade and am wondering if I can widen the length of my page and widget area in the elegant grunge theme. Any thoughts?

    The blog I need help with is relandothompkins.com.


    Elegant Grunge is designed using background images that are not flexible with CSS, but you can create new images that are the width you want in order to change it.

    Here’s one thread that discusses how to do it: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/in-elegant-grunge-theme-how-do-you-activate-3-column-width-in-css-other-qs?replies=24


    Found another thread where someone mentioned an article they wrote about how to change the layout width for Elegant Grunge: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/cars-and-code-goes-wide-track-a-wider-screen-for-elegant-grunge?replies=6



    The length of your front page or any other page in your blog is determined by the content you place in the blog ie. it expands automatically. You set the number of posts you wish to display on the front page of your blog here > Settings > Reading

    Do be aware that the more posts you display the slower page loading time becomes and page loading time is a page ranking factor. The more images and embeds you place in posts the slower the page loading time will be. Studies demonstrate the average user will not wait any longer than 3-4 seconds for pages to load.

    Currently you have your About page set as your home page. This is a poor choice to make as returning visitors are coming to read fresh content. They are not likely to be happy with having to click through that same page every time they come looking for your fresh content.

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