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Wideness at Hum theme

  1. There are some problems with Hum theme to show blog and categories the wideness is to small. ....check here.., Hope this will be fixed as soon as possible..Smiles

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @kojiki
    Hi there,
    This is a new theme and Themes Staff are rarely seen on the support forums on weekends. I have flagged this thread for their attention but I don't expect they will respond until Monday.

  3. P.S. May I suggest something to you please?
    You have this Blog Tile and Tagline Harajuku: Streets of Art
    In English we would remove the "s" from Streets and the word "of"
    Harajuku: Street Art

  4. journeyphotographic

    I have a related issue - when you resize the browser size down, the edge of my blog name in the header is cut off. If you make it small enough, the header eventually resizes, but there is definitely a middle region where it doesn't quite display right.

  5. Timethief
    I'm so glad you notice my misstake..My English is not all that so ThankYou very much!!!!

  6. @kojiki
    Thank your for accepting my suggestion. I think you do very well with English and we all improve with help from friends. :) You have a wonderful artistic sense.

  7. Theme is fixed. Thanks!

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