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Widening the main content column?

  1. Hello,
    I currently have CrumbleMagazine from themeforest as my theme. I let my fiance pick my theme, and I'm starting to wonder if that was a good idea.

    Anyway, the main content column is really quite narrow, especially considering the space for the sidebar (right hand side) is reserved, meaning deleting all of my widgets leaves a blank column instead of giving my main content more room.

    My blog is designed to be picture-heavy, word-heavy, and link-heavy. Combining all of that in a narrow column is extremely frustrating to read. I've tried Googling how to change this, but the only thing I found involved paying for custom CSS ability.

    So, please, how do I make the content column wider? Ideally for free? I don't know much CSS, but I can edit things in/replace things if I know what I'm looking for. The most idiot-friendly method would be the easiest for me, but I don't mind taking time to figure things out and make it work. I just need an idea of where to start.

    The blog I need help with is

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