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    I would like to have pictures that I post from my flicker site show up full size. And I would like to make the blog run the width of the screen as well. Is there something that I am not understanding or doing? Do I need to upgrade? I don’t know CSS, so if I need that I might be able to get someone to help me, but I don’t know it. This blog is an example of what I’d like…http://blog.rmpstudio.com/ don’t know how to get the full pics like this on mine.

    Any help is appreciated!!

    The blog I need help with is bellphotos.wordpress.com.


    The thing to remember is that not everyone has the same size screen, and a large portion are still on 1024 x 768 resolution. If you make your images too wide, then people are going to have to scroll horizontally to see your images. The blog you referenced just fits in browser window with 1024 x 768 resolution.

    This would require knowledge of CSS and the CSS paid upgrade to accomplish, and how difficult it would be would depend on the theme. Some are easier than others.

    We need a link to your blog please.



    Oh, so sorry… here you go


    Black letterhead isn’t too bad to make wider, but if you were wanting to remove the sidebar, then it becomes a problem since your theme does not have any top navigation and you would have no way for people to navigate your site. You would also have no links or any other widgets that you now have in your sidebar.

    What is the width of landscape images you upload to flickr?



    Can I have the sidebar at the bottom of the blog? Like this blog…http://photografr.com/

    Well I usually upload them at the full size. 4288 x 2848 300dpi


    Moving the sidebar to the bottom, and have it look right, would be very difficult, and would actually require access to the underlying theme PHP script files, and a good knowledge of PHP. We don’t have access to those.

    Posting a 4288 wide image full-sized on a blog is a problem on many levels. First off, who has a monitor that is 4288 pixels wide? Mine is 2560 wide, but I’m in a tiny minority, and even with my 30″ display I would see only about half the width of the image and would have to scroll around to see the rest. I’ve run into a few sites that have images posted larger than my monitor, and in the first place, it takes way too long for them to load, and in the second place, you cannot really get a feel for an image if you have to see it in bits by scrolling about. You also have to realize that monitors are only 72, 96 or 120 dpi so uploading anything higher than that for viewing on the web is a waste of bandwidth. It also requires the browser to interporate the image to be able to display it at the actual dpi of the monitor. Web standard is 72 dpi and works best with all browsers.

    If you upload a 4288 wide image at flickr, and then insert it into a blog at a smaller width (say, 960), there is no resampling that happens to retain sharpness, and it is left up to the browser to resize the image, and browsers do a really lousy job of it. And with that much difference in size (4288 to 960) the image is going to look like crap.

    The maximum usable browser window area with a 1024 width resolution is about 980px with the browser maximized. If there is a sidebar, then you will not be able to have images that wide. With your theme, you would have about 650 usable. If you reduced the padding on the left hand side, you could gain maybe 20px more without things looking really bad.

    If you go with a theme with top navigation and ditch the sidebar, you are looking at 960px wide images without horizontal scrolling.



    If you hosted the images here rather than Flickr, you could use the Monotone theme, but it doesn’t work well with externally hosted images and it doesn’t allow sidebars at all.



    So what would you size would you suggest that I resize my photos to before uploading them to Flickr? I would like to make them sized for the web. I will drop the dpi to 72. Thank you for giving me the web standard for that.


    If you want to go full browser window width (maximized) on a 1024 x 768 resolution with no sidebar in your theme, I would suggest 960px for landscape images. That will leave room for a little space beside the images.

    One other reason not to have your full sized images on the web is that people will steal them and have a full sized, high resolution image. Images are stolen and used by people all the time, and if you have a lower resolution image that is smaller in size, it makes it harder for them to use it.



    Thank you. i’ll do that from now on. I’m still learning, but need to watermark my images as well. What do you need to create a watermark?


    It depends on what you are using for an image editing program. There are watermarking abilities/plugins for photoshop and there are also online watermarking services. See this blog post for more on watermarking: http://onecoolsite.wordpress.com/2007/10/19/watermark-your-blog-images/ .



    Thanks! I just created one for my photos. I’ll upload pics with watermarks from now on.

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