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wider first column in fjords

  1. I don't know a lot about this stuff. is it possible to widen the left column in the fords template? any help much appreciated!
    i just don't want to mess up the files.

  2. If you purchase the css upgrade and you know how to deal with css it is possible.

  3. thanks - purchased it. but when i changed the column width -- easy enough -- now the header photo and headline have disappeared and won't come back, even if i revert to the orig. width of 270. i tried to reset the theme, but now what???

  4. It's not as easy as simply changing the width of the first column. You'll also need to change the widths of other columns and anything else related.

    It looks like you've removed the Custom CSS code which was causing a problem.

  5. thanks. actually it is on there for this blog:
    and the photo header and blog title are still hidden behind white space. i just want it as it was, but am not sure what to do. can anyone help? - a total beginner, CDB

  6. Look at the top of the CSS Customization forum and you'll see links to various CSS tutorials which will give you some basic help.

    If you have a custom header, the CSS overrides that, so you'll need to put a CSS link in for the image that you want.

  7. I've resolved this with cbd74 through Support.

  8. So are we to take it that the previous 'no staff support for CSS' rule is being relaxed?

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