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    Hi there, I was wondering if there was any way to make the headers wider than the standard ones? I’ve noticed that this is possible on nearly all other blogs (blogspot, ipublish, blogg etc…) and I feel like this would be better; to be able to choose the size of the header. Also; how come the you have to buy the CSS thing? I thought if I wanted to “work harder” on my blog, this should be for free? I hope maybe these two things could be a possibility.


    The blog I need help with is elisabethblog.wordpress.com.


    The upgrades help pay for the bandwidth and the hundreds (maybe thousands) of servers necessary to keep the wordpress afloat. If wordpress makes no money they cannot pay their bills, and then there is no wordpress.

    Blogger can do it since Google have very deep pockets and hundreds of thousands of servers worldwide to run their search engine and advertising business on. Adding blogger/blogspot to their servers would not even be felt.

    To change a header size, you would need the CSS upgrade.


    $15 per year is only $1.25 per month. That is a cheap upgrade if you ask me.


    Oh, makes sense! Thank you :)
    Btw, sorry for late reply. I definately agree though :)

    Again; Thanks :)


    You’re welcome.


    I bought the upgrade (thanks dad…) and I was wondering if there’s any “CSS 101” sort of forum posts around? I’m having trouble working the CSS (I was able to do it on this other blog thing called ipublish, they have own tutorials that work on the blog, which -apparently- do not work on wordpress?). Maybe any threads where people share CSS-codes /tips? :) Anyone.. ? (haha, I feel like a looser now)



    OH sorry I did not see the CSS Customization forum!! nevermiind :)


    Also, type “CSS” into the support page search box and there are some entries there with more information and more suggestions for places to get help online.

    I’ll just mention that theme designers decide what to name selectors and such in the CSS, so what controls what in the CSS will be labeled differently from theme to theme.

    I would also suggest if you are using Firefox, then get the Firebug add-on. It allows you to easily find what controls what in the CSS, and even try changes on the fly. Take a half-hour or so to get to know it and it will speed things up considerably for you.


    uhuh, well how do I know what the theme designers name the selectors? :O I’m using the Vigilance theme.


    You have to go into the CSS and figure that out. Each theme is different. Get firebug as I suggested and learn how to use it. That is the easiest way to figure out what is what in the CSS.


    hm ok, thanks. Wish me luck x)


    Ok, I read in another thread that I need to find the Master.css file. But I cannot find it.
    I downloaded the vigilance child thing from that site but I can’t find it, where is it? :O There are only those three files: functions.php screenshot.png and style.css. nothing else :O


    The child themes you find on the internet for Vigilance will not work with the version here since we cannot upload the functions.php file.

    Firebug would have allowed you to get the link to the master.css file, and also to open it and view it (right click the blue link to the file and select, copy file location or open in new tab).


    With Vigilance, only add to the CSS edit window the specific sections and declarations of that file that you are modifying, and then make sure that “add to existing… ” is selected before saving any changes you make.


    oh dayyum, then I have to wait for my new comp to download firefox etc then.
    THANK YOU, again. wow, you really are a lifesaver! I’ll be sure to credit you on my site for the CSS help. THANK YOU :)


    You’re welcome and thank you.

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