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    This relates to my private “mirror”-blog, not the one linked to my username.
    The Imbalance theme’s customizable header pic (not featured image) is a little box in the upper left. But I’ve seen some Imbalance blogs with a bigger, close to full-width header image…Is that possible to do without css? Example, from the theme showcase demo on Imbalance:
    Thanks in advance…

    The blog I need help with is crickmore.wordpress.com.


    http://vanity-press.com/ is using the Structure theme, not Imbalance. Staff needs to update their links apparently.

    There is a trick using inline CSS positioning that can by used to move a text widget up and into that area, but due to the way things are done at the top of that theme, it would probably not look good. Actually you could probably put an image into a text widget in either the center or right header widget location.

    You really need to work the entire header area over to include a larger image and have it look right.



    Oh! His blog did look different in other ways, too, but I thought he was just really good at fiddling with the theme. Was going to ask next how to get the menu tabs arranged horizontally too! Maybe I should look at the Structure theme. Except i like the way that Imbalance arranges the posts like patchwork on the home page…
    That’s an idea about an image in a widget, though. esp if it matched the size/ shape of the header image
    Thank you, tsp!


    A full-width header image is possible (as TSP said), and it can look ok – I’ll make a post about it.



    Here’s an example of what was done on another blog using Imbalance 2 and CSS editing > http://thepatternedplate.wordpress.com/ That’s from this thread https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/align-menu-tabs-side-by-side-in-imbalance?replies=22


    (But I’ll provide a solution for a full-width image without the Custom Design upgrade.)



    Cool :)



    Thanks, TT–that was the blog I had in my mind! but couldn’t find again to use as an example. I knew it had a big beautiful drawn-looking header picture. I cant handle css, though… I’ll wait for Panos’s words of wisdom! (even though I might end up sticking with Bueno anyway, Imbalance might just be too wild for me.)



    I’m waiting to see what panaghiotisadam comes up with. If this theme can have a full header without the Custom Design upgrade and the custom menu links can be presented horizontally then I’m sure many more bloggers will use it.



    Hi all — noting that http://vanity-press.com/ is not hosted on WP.com. It’d be hard to apply the Custom Design upgrade to it. :)

    Update: as @thesacredpath mentioned, we need to remove it from the Theme Showcase “who’s using this theme” since they apparently moved it to WP.org since we featured it there.



    y que ocurra cuando no se te ven la imagen de la cabecera???? hay un tema que hace que se vean las imágenes que van pasando en la parte superior de la página, ahora no hay nada, ¿ayuda por favor? muchisimas gracias



    Please post to the Spanish speaking forums > Español (Spanish) : http://es.forums.wordpress.com


    Having the exact same problem as Ingridcc – http://www.ellicestreetgalleykitchen.wordpress.com – can’t wait to hear the answer…. tearing my hair out!




    Wow, your site looks so great! How did you get your menu tabs to go horizontally?
    All you maybe need is your blog title on that luscious header image. Love that fresh blue color for your highlighted post excerpt!
    Did you need the css upgrade to do this????


    Yes, she’s got the upgrade. But you can change the hover color without the upgrade in Theme Options.


    Hi – yes I do have the upgrade. I changed the menu by copying the advice given in this thread: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/align-menu-tabs-side-by-side-in-imbalance?replies=22

    I had been admiring the patterned plate as well, so I just searched for her name in the forums to see if she had asked for any help when she was setting up, and voila! I don’t really have a clue what I’m doing, it’s all trial and error.

    And yes – the strawberry header is just a place holder image for now – I’m designing my own image to go there, I just need to finish it and scan it in :)



    Thanks! That was smart to search for her name instead of just for the topic!

    —I’m sorry, Panos, my question was ambiguous, I really meant did she need the css upgrade to make the menu tabs go horizontally…

    I do love how Imbalance looks, but unfortunately it’s probably not ideal for my craft tutorial site as many of them have to be followed in a certain sequence… I’m thinking the potpourri-look might be too confusing. It’s really fun, though. Maybe for another blog…


    so is there any option for the wide header without the custom option?


    No there won’t be I don’t think as you need to be able to change the CSS and you need the upgrade for that.

    Good luck Ingridcc!

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