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    Hi. I am somewhat computer-ignorant, and I need help!

    My husband just got me a 22″ Acer widescreen monitor (I used to have a 17″ square). I use Firefox to access the internet; almost every website I go to looks normal, but when I log into my wordpress blog, the pictures are stretched funny (they looked normal on my square monitor). If I minimize the browser so it’s a square, it cuts off the left and right side of my blog (in my view).
    How do I fix it so my blog isn’t stretched out and the pictures don’t look weird? (At least to me…it’s making me crazy when I view my own blog!)


    The blog I need help with is victoriabement.wordpress.com.



    Your blog should always be 980pixels wide and centered in the browser regardless of increased size or resolution. Can you take a screengrab and link us to a picture so we can see the problem. I only have a small laptop screen so I can’t tell where the problem may be.


    I’ve got a widescreen monitor, and your blog looks fine to me.

    LCD monitors, widescreen or otherwise have what is called a “native resolution.” That is the resolution that they are designed to work best at. It sounds like your system is not set to that native resolution, but to perhaps the resolution for your old square monitor. If this is the case, then everything would be stretched horizontally because of the wider aspect ratio on your new monitor.


    @luke, I’ve seen some widescreen monitor installation where they were set to something like 1024 x 768 instead of a widescreen resolution and things were stretched horizontally.



    Thanks for your quick comments! Monitor was on highest resolution available (1280×1024). I ended up contacting Acer, who said my video card driver needed to be updated and I needed to contact my CPU maker as they would not help. After 2 hours on the phone with HP (CPU maker) customer support, video card driver has been updated and everything is working perfectly now…no more stretched blog (or other pictures, for that matter). Driver increased available resolution to 1600×1200…I guess that helped. :)

    I appreciate everyone’s help and thank you for letting me know that my blog looked normal to others!! :)


    You are welcome and I’m glad your monitor is working as it should now.



    TSP: can I ask you a question? I seem to have fixed the aspect ratio on the monitor, but within certain programs (PSE8) the pictures still seem to be stretched/skewed slightly. Do you know if there is any way to adjust the properties within that program?


    I’m not at all familiar with that program. Perhaps check their support site or forum if they have one and see what they say.



    ok, thx.


    You are welcome.

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