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    Hi – Thanks for such a good experience signing up with wordpress, I am really enjoying it.
    I have, however, been unsuccessful in making the goodreads widget work and now 15 blogs in, I thought I’d try to solve it again. I have read all the other assistance pieces on this topic and the helpful instructions and also contacted goodreads to check my ID – they supplied me with the two ID’s I already have used without success, that is: 1405870 and 58908356. and have confirmed there is no issue at their end. I have also tried another ID linked to a specific book 33294356.
    When goodreads is clicked on my wordpress site – whichever widget ID is used – the shared book recommendations/log-in page is brought up – just the goodreads home page really – nothing connected to me and my latest book The Cato Conundrum.
    I would like to solve this if possible,
    Thank you for your assistance,
    best wishes
    David Kidd-Hewitt

    The blog I need help with is davidkiddhewitt.wordpress.com.


    I tried adding it to a test page using the goodreads widget. I used the 589… number. When I set the goodreads widget at “Currently Reading” it displayed the title Cato Connection and that linked to this page at good reads:

    I think I could have refined my click to click on your name and it would have gone to an author page


    Thanks for doing that for me houstonweaver, that was very kind. I am not too good yet with all possible the wrinkles about links and such.
    I’m have to to check-out for tonight in the UK and will start fresh tomorrow with your findings,
    Thanks so much


    Thanks again houstonweaver – I’ve changed as per your kind experiment and its fine – I didn’t know I’d get a thumbnail of the cover etc. so great. I may twiddle a little more given that I have inadvertently put myself in a position of reading and reviewing my own book – but, hey – it’s now a click
    away when it was zero before!
    Your help is much appreciated.
    Re: the weaving – I really like your “crafty things.” Amazing skills.
    I used to visit Texas a lot in the ’80’s – based in Huntsville at SHSU because of my criminological work – miss the sights of Houston and surrounding countryside & amazing parks.


    Glad the goodreads worked for you. Yes Huntsville is just up the road from Houston…. far enough north to not have Hurricane worries…

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